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forest master finance, finance options, pay in 3

Finance Options now available on your Forestry Favourites

Reading Time: 2 minutes Here at Forest Master, we’re all about offering our customers the best choice available. This of course includes our products and services but now extends to our payment options. What if I told you there was a way to split your payments over 3 months? Introducing Pay in 3 from Paypal Get the products you […]

what are the perks of buying directly from the brand, banner

What are the perks of buying directly from the Brand

Reading Time: 3 minutes In an age where choice is bountiful, making the correct one is all the more important. Why? Because while having a variety of choice is brilliant, it makes it easy to make the wrong one. Now, anyone with access to the internet can open their own shop – can you trust the source? Having said […]

the uses of an angle grinder

Uses of an Angle Grinder

Reading Time: 5 minutes An angle grinder is one of the versatile tools that can be used for doing multiple jobs. Far away from cutting, grinding, and sanding, there are more than 100 uses of angle grinders. Thanks to its wide range of attachments, you can use an angle grinder in place of many other tools. According to Angle […]

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Energy saving tips for Summer – Top 10 tips.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Whenever you think of energy-saving ideas, it’s usually for the winter. But, the same concepts can be applied to sunny days. In recent years, we have experienced some of our hottest summers. The mission is to then keep yourself and your home cool, the cost of which could get your wallet sweating. With the constant […]

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Are Wood Burning Stoves Banned? Find out here!

Reading Time: 5 minutes The wet wood and coal ban is being rolled out from this year. Are wood burning stoves being banned? No. The problem isn’t your stove, it’s what you put in it! So, in this blog, we’ll talk you through the coal ban, what to consider and how you could save 150 p/year. Coal ban UK […]

moisture meter cover photo 1

What is a Moisture Meter & Why You Need One!

Reading Time: 5 minutes So, you’re a seasoned wood pro. But, if you want to stay that way you need to know how to avoid unseasoned wood. Why? Because not only does use of unseasoned wood damage your wood creations, it could literally burn your house down. How do you avoid that – a moisture meter. In this guide […]

Top 10 Energy Efficiency Tips for Winter e1610383950220

Energy Efficiency Tips for Winter – Top 10 tips.

Reading Time: 7 minutes If you’re anything like me, you’ll have recently received your energy bill and wished you hadn’t. So, I’ve spent my afternoon looking for Winter heating tips & tricks and thought I’d share them with you. Read on to find out my Top 10 energy efficiency tips for winter & potentially save £1000 p/year 1) Keep […]

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