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Wood Chipper Hire vs Buy – Which Is Best?

How much does a wood chipper cost to rent? How much to buy a wood chipper? Which is the cheapest/best value for money? All good questions! Deciding which route to go down can be tricky as both have pros and cons. Is buying worth the initial capital, is renting easier and what should you consider […]

What is a Moisture Meter & Why You Need One!

So, you’re a seasoned wood pro. But, if you want to stay that way you need to know how to avoid unseasoned wood. Why? Because not only does use of unseasoned wood damage your wood creations, it could literally burn your house down. How do you avoid that – a moisture meter. In this guide […]

Allotment Ideas For Beginners – The Ultimate Guide.

Sourcing & securing an allotment plot can be tricky business. In this guide, we’ll help you ‘plot’, secure and execute the perfect allotment ideas for beginners. From where & what to consider to planning an allotment from scratch. We’re going to show you all the hints and tips that’ll ensure your allotment is coming up […]

Energy Efficiency Tips for Winter – Top 10 tips.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have recently received your energy bill and wished you hadn’t. So, I’ve spent my afternoon looking for Winter heating tips & tricks and thought I’d share them with you. Read on to find out my Top 10 energy efficiency tips for winter & potentially save £1000 p/year 1) Keep […]

SawHorse vs WorkBench: A 2021 Guide

Introduction: So, you’re new to DIY. Or, you’re a seasoned pro looking to build your tool collection. You’ve got your workbench, but you’re wondering is a sawhorse a good purchase. You’re questioning a sawhorse vs workbench and what does a sawhorse do? Could you build one? In this guide, we’ll run through why we think […]

dangers of unseasoned logs, differences between seasoned and unseasoned

What are Seasoned and Unseasoned Logs

Picture the scene, Winter. Dark nights. Rain, or even worse snow! It’s the time of year where we like to gather together, get cosy and keep warm. Simple, right? Wrong! Because while nothing says cosy or warm like a log fire. Burning unseasoned logs could make your chimney so hazardous even Santa would use the […]

No Dig Gardening – For Beginners

What Is No Dig Gardening? I must admit, before I came upon the YouTube channel of one Charles Dowding, vegetable wizard of Homeacres, I hadn’t heard of it before either. And the more and more content I consumed on this alien method of gardening, the more bizarre it seemed. To put a complex topic in […]

How To: Start a Vegetable Garden

So you’re looking at getting an allotment, or perhaps you already have one, and now you need to know what it takes to seed your own vegetable garden. There’s nothing more fruitful than growing your own veg (excuse the pun) and the satisfaction you get from watching your seedlings grow and flourish under your supervision […]

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