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Compact Petrol 6HP Wood Chipper Direct Drive FM6DD
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Compact Petrol 6HP Wood Chipper Direct Drive FM6DD

From £395.79

  • Powered by the latest LCT 4 stroke engine
  • Twin reversible blades that extend product life-span
  • Direct Drive – no belts to need replacing
  • Shreds branches up to 50mm
  • Weighs only 38kg
  • 1-year warranty as standard
  • Patent Pending (GB2100107.8) / International (PCT/IB2021/054494)
(174 customer reviews)
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Forest Master Compact Petrol Wood Chipper 6HP Garden Shredder

The FM6DD is a patent-pending (GB2008049.5) compact petrol wood chipper for sale which is capable of chipping wood up to 50mm (2 inches) in diameter. The FM6DD’s powerful 6hp LCT engine can rotate the chipper drum at a maximum of 3600rpm. This enables it to easily chip all kinds of freshly cut wood from hard to soft. It is a direct drive for better performance and this also means that there are no belts or chains that you have to keep adjusting.

We have two versions of the FM6DD available, a standard version that features a pull start and an upgraded Electric Start version for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of a pull start. The electric start version also includes a backup pull-start.

The FM6DD has twin reversible blades so that when one side becomes worn from use the blades can simply be turned around to use the second side. This saves the need for constant resharpening and effectively doubles the life of the blades. The lightweight and compact size of the chipper enables it to be extremely manoeuvrable and easy to store. Both the feed hopper and the discharge chute have a hinged chute design, enabling the user to easily access the drum for quick maintenance. The end of the FM6DD’s discharge chute can be angled to direct the chips.

The FM6DD is powered by the latest LCT Maxx Series 208cc 4 Stroke engine. LCT are a US-owned company that manufactures 4-stroke engines that are used in a wide variety of outdoor power equipment.

The powerful and compact wood chipper only requires minimal maintenance, you are only required to check the oil level and the cutting blades of the chipper, both of which can be easily replaced or refilled in just a few short moments.

The entrance leading directly to the cutter (hopper chute) is 95mm x 95mm. The upper section has a CE plate fitted. This safety plate is not required for the USA or Canada.

View the Frequently Asked Questions page to explore all the commonly asked questions regarding the Electric Wood Chipper.

Note that this machine is shipped dry and requires engine oil. Use standard 4 Stroke oil such as 10W-40.

    • 6hp 208cc 4 Stroke LCT Maxx Series reliable engine. Direct drive, no belts involved so no loss of performance
    • Twin reversible blades giving them a much longer life span
    • Direct Drive – No inconvenience of Belts or Chains
    • Minimal Maintenance
    • This powerful compact chipper will shred just about every type of freshly cut branch up to 50 mm
    • Lightweight only 38kg*
    • The hopper and chute are hinged and can be folded away to minimise its storage capacity. Takes up less space than an average wheelbarrow
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Some minor assembly is required
    • European Design 008171813
    • Internationally Protected (PCT/IB2021/054494)

Max Wood Diameter: 50mm / 2″*

Power: 6hp LCT Maxx series petrol engine 208cc 4 stroke

Max Drum Speed: 3600 rpm*

Net Weight: 38kg*

Overall Height: 780mm*

Overall Width: 480mm*

Overall Length: 910mm*

Number of Blades: 2 (reversible)

Warranty: 1 Year

Note that this machine is shipped dry and requires engine oil. Use standard 4 Stroke oil such as 10W-40.

*All figures are approximate



Additional information

Weight 38 kg
Shipping options

boxed, pre-assembled

Spare Replacement Blades

No Spare Blades, x1 Forged Steel Blades + Removal Tool

Oil Add-on (600ml required)

No Oil, 600ML of 10W-40 Oil


Forest Master Petrol 6HP Compact Garden Wood Chipper & Shredder - FM6DD

174 reviews for Compact Petrol 6HP Wood Chipper Direct Drive FM6DD

  1. Simon (verified owner)

    Brilliant bit of kit to add to the collection. I’ve been looking for something like this for years, small enough to manage on my own but more than powerful enough not to be a complete waste of space/ money.
    *Double check the Knife-Anvil gap before first use…. I assumed it would’ve been set correctly but had to adjust it as it wasn’t feeding larger limbs. Goes like the clippers now though.
    Proper job. 👌🏻

  2. George (verified owner)

    Fabulous bit of kit. I got this about 3 months ago (8 day delivery during lockdown from UK to Balearic Islands, pretty amazing for a start) to replace an electric mulcher that’s given excellent service for years but has never managed well with the wild olive and other garrigue plants we have here. First impressions: really sturdy, well put together. Easy to assemble. Oil filling: bit of a fiddle but I suppose it’ll only be yearly so not a great issue. Starting: 3 months on (used frequently), starts first pull (except when I forget the “on” switch..). Use: full marks. It does exactly what I was hoping for, chewing through (up to 4/5cm) branches a leaving a fine mulch to put around trees. I’ll be trying composting with it in the winter. Transport: big wheels help but what’s best is that it fits in a wheelbarrow and can easily be moved from one place to another (2 acre plot). Size: fab, fits in the garage perfectly. Would a bigger machine give better performance? Probably. Woukd it tick as many boxes? I don’t think so. Very happy fo far, would strongly recommend.

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    Really good quality machine. Firstly a very quick delivery to Northern Ireland which I wasn’t expecting. Assembly was very simple, and straight away you can tell the quality of the machine as everything is so sturdy and well put together. The engine started on the second pull and has started very well since. Very effective on all my freshly cut branches, and deals with all my hedge trimmings also. Would definitely recommend.

  4. Shauky (verified owner)

    After looking at the reviews of different machines came across forest-master. It’s compact size that I could fit into my estate car after taking the large chute off it.Delivery was really good but the packaging was shoddy and the parts were missing which got sorted out straight away after sending couple of emails. I am sure it would have been one off incident but the machine itself is quite something. Very well made and easy to put together works really well used it twice now and I am happy to say that it is a five star product. Very happy with it.

  5. Nick Fegan

    Finally, after getting this machine up and running, it’s only today I have put it through her paces! Can I recommend it: in a nutshell….a resounding YES, YES! It’s a beauty! Chewed and spat 2″ AND some 3″ Inch thick lilac bushes approx 3’/4′ long branches with leaves, no problems. I stripped a 12′ tree in less than an hour with this ‘little’ BEAST! Not good ONLY with leaves..must have a dry mix, and she’ll put anything by those choppers! BEST INVESTMENT this year!! Thanks, Forest Master.

  6. Peter (verified owner)

    An excellent piece of equipment and top quality customer service. I have now been using the machine for a week or so, and it made short work of a 12ft bushy conifer, as well as various branches from overgrown shrubs and roses, Next up is an unsightly leylandii hedge – a week’s work there, but I’m sure the chipper/shredder will cope.
    A few comments which may be of help.
    1. When setting the machine up for the first time, don’t stint on the engine oil. I put 600ml of oil in initially, but could not fire the machine up. Following very helpful and patient advice from the man at Forest Master, I added more oil, until it just overflowed, made sure the drum was running freely (it was a bit stiff to begin with) and it then fired up on the second pull. In fairness the manual said to fill the oil, until it was almost overflowing, but the manual also said that there was no dipstick, whereas mine came with a different engine, with two oilfilling holes, complete with dipsticks! Also, there is apparently an oil sensor level in the machine, which prevents starting if the oil level is too low. Perhaps these points should be added to the manual.
    2. I’ve learnt to be patient with branches which are very bent, or have a large amount of bushy top growth. Taking the time to cut such branches into smaller pieces makes for far faster progress.
    3. While it is possible to move the machine around, by holding the shute or the hopper, some sort of handle would make life a little easier.
    4. An extra bolt was included with the machine, but was not mentioned in the instructions. Initially, I panicked, thinking I’d missed something, but I then realised it was a spare bolt, for the drum, if ever required. Perhaps this could be mentioned in the instructions.

    Overall, though, a very good quality, sturdy and well built machine that performs well, and top marks for Forest Master’s customer service. Rapid delivery, and excellent help and advice available, if problems are experienced.

  7. Tommy Lyons

    Delivered to the West of Ireland from UK in double quick time. The best piece of garden equipment I ever purchased. Spent the last week shredding Leylandi branches. So easy to move around the garden. Very sturdy and well made. They say size matters, but not when it comes to the Forest Master. Couldn’t be happier with my wood chipping friend. Highly recommend it.

  8. Anna Farmery (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant machine. Easy assembly – well had one question but they answered immediately -and it really has chomped through branches, bushes, hedging….couldn’t speak highly enough of it. I was told “cheap” wood chippers weren’t worth it…clearly they had never used this one. Love it.

  9. John Fells (verified owner)

    Totally satisfied. An enjoyable assembly followed by a start up on the first pull! Since then it has chomped its way through lots of stuff including tree trimmings and it even managed well with some damp rambling rose that was still in leaf. I agonised over whether to get the petrol chipper but am very glad I did as I have found it easy to move around my large garden.

  10. Rob

    I have used my FM6DD chipper for about 6 months with actual running time of about 50 hours. Compact, reliable and punches above it’s weight. I undertook the oil change after 20 hours use as recommended and it ran more smoothly, producing a noticeable improved power output, so this is well worth doing. It has reduced conifer branches, dogwood, holly, privet and sycamore to a useable material with no problems at all. Needed to replace the rubber curtain (damage was my fault) that resulted in above normal after-sales service. Recommended for domestic use and does exactly what is said in the description. An excellent piece of equipment.

  11. Juan

    This looks great!

  12. Michael (verified owner)

    Arrived today just two days after placing the order. Pretty easy to assemble; the bolts aren’t labelled but would be hard to put them in the wrong holes. Filled to overflowing with 5w-30 oil, added some petrol, went through the start up procedure and it started after two/three good pulls. Let it warm through for a few minutes and then started putting through some laurel branches, freshly cut (but dead) rowan and freshly cut green horse chestnut branches. the machine coped brilliantly and spat out lovely clippings at a fast rate. The safety plate does slow shredding down if you’re putting whole branches with several shoots through but it’s there for safety first and could be removed if you wanted to. The 6.5hp chipper is surprisingly small and light but packs a real punch – very happy with it only after one use. Will see how it copes with smaller, more general garden waste but for chipping branches it is perfect.

  13. Brian Freeman

    Beautifully packed and easily assembled with a small socket set. The two slim 5cms bolts left over remain a puzzle but don’t seem to matter. I have two criticisms. The oil filler hole is awkward to access. It, and the dipstick, could be a bit longer. More importantly, the LT ignition wires are flimsy, exposed, vulnerable and just flapping about. I spent half an hour wrapping them with electrical tape, and securing them. This cost a star in my rating. It started on the first pull. I’ve had four electric ones in the past and this is miles better. It self feeds pretty well, and chops different materials well, and didn’t seem to use much fuel. Well worth the money.

  14. Scott Siggery (verified owner)

    Brilliant bit of kit. The chipper arrived well packaged next day and took about 30 mins to assemble and fill with oil which made easy with aid of a bendy funnel from our local garage.
    Two days into use and it has munched it way through a 20m long 3m high conifer hedge. Okay it’s not as fast as the commercial scale machine tree surgeons use but it’s also a hell of a lot cheaper and far easier to store. We’ve used for at least two hours continuously over several spells and no issues with it running for that length of time. Thanks

  15. Bob Walker (verified owner)

    Ordered my shredder 16/06 and it was delivered to Cornwall mid afternoon 17/06,didn’t open it straight away because had grandchildren for the evening.Put everything together Saturday morning,filling the oil was a fiddler until i remembered I had a large syringe that i use for bleeding my trike brakes,that made things much easier. I’m a right leg amputee and was worried about moving the shredder around the garden but we managed ok,maybe a detachable handle might help? Anyway two hours later and the huge pile of twigs and branches from pruning was reduced to a quite small pile of finely chopped bit just perfect for the compost heap.
    We only need to shred another two big piles and we will be saving cash compared to paying the local guys to take away our waste £150 a load.
    If you are thinking about buying a shredder bite the bullet and spend the cash to buy one of these.Oh and it was cheaper buying direct from Forest-master than Amazon by £50 with free delivery.
    No I’m not being paid for writing this,it’s a brilliant piece of kit.

  16. sandra c. (verified owner)

    Excellent bit of “kit”

  17. damian (verified owner)

    Great communication, quick delivery and great product. Works well for the size, I would definitely consider other products from forest master

  18. david

    purchased one of the best pieces of kit ever.
    does what they say it does just perfect for the jobs i have .
    on the first day i used it went for 9 hrs never stopped completed the job client was happy as it saved so much work and they didnt really want to burn all the branches.
    every job i take chipper to it saves so much work and is so easy to transport
    would recomend anyone that it is well worth the money

  19. Milan Bhattacharya (verified owner)

    Does the job exactly as it says.Easy to operate and move around and adequately powerful to handle branches around 2 inches in size.

  20. Paul (verified owner)

    Excellent bit of kit for garden clearing. DHL delivered 2days late.

  21. Robert F. (verified owner)

    Arrived fully assembled as requested. I removed all the protective wrapping and added some unleaded. Checked the oil level (full) and looked at the instruction book referring to starting procedure. Two or three pulls on the starting cord and she was away! I removed the protective shield from the top of the inlet chute to allow for larger branches to be shredded and tried chipping a variety of stuff, including fairly thick branches all with great success and filled a wheelbarrow in a couple of minutes! I got a bit too ambitious with some very leafy stuff, and managed to block the chute. A few minutes later and I had it unblocked. Lesson learned! All in all, a great machine.

  22. Les Hood (verified owner)

    Excellent service

  23. Dave (verified owner)

    Very good service , time from ordering to receiving was very quick . Easy to assemble . Very impressed with the chippers performance.

  24. James F. (verified owner)

    Excellent product, box was smashed to pieces on delivery better packaging is advised.

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

  26. Gill (verified owner)

    Great service. Arrived the day after ordering in perfect condition. Took one hour to assemble, would have been half that time if my husband had read the instructions first. Fiddly to fill with oil. Very powerful small machine for chipping branches up to 2 inches diameter.

  27. Robert Mitchell (verified owner)

    Fairly easy to put together, good strong engine, easy to start. Seems to chip everything thrown at it. Have found that small sticks can jam the drum when restarting. Had to remove safety plate to get larger branches to feed. Overall highly recommended and good quality for price, paint finish also good. Could do with handles to move it around.

  28. sean (verified owner)

    Small but powerful chipper, perfect for getting in and out of the van and small gardens!

  29. Peter G. (verified owner)

    Good chipper for the garden. Works great. Well made and easy to assemble.

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works on everything I’ve needed it for. Easy to assemble. Smaller than I expected, but that’s not a bad thing. Excellent so far.

  31. chris williams (verified owner)

    Excellent machine. Does what it is designed to do. Once you have learned how to feed it in the most efficient manner it gives great results

  32. John C. (verified owner)

    Excellent machine chips branches quickly and self feeds, light enough to lift into a van but exceptionally strong made. Better than machines three times the cost. Delivery quick and exceptional customer service

  33. Martin Gerdes (verified owner)

    Ich bin von der kleinen Maschiene nach dem ersten Einsatz total begeistert.
    Die Lieferung aus England war nach vier Tagen bei mir. DHL brachte zwei Pakete, in einem war der Motor auf einer Holzplatte verschraubt und durch Styropor geschütz, im anderen die restlichen Teile einzelnd gut in Pappe verpackt.
    Der Zusammenbau ist kein Problem, alle Teile passen hervorragend zusammen.
    Motoröl einfüllen, Benzin in den Tank und schon kann es los gehen. Äste bis 50 Millimeter sind wie versprochen kein Problem. Auch Sträucher mit Blättern zieht das Gerät sauber durch die Messer.
    Die Arbeitsleistung ist für solch eine kompakte Maschiene meiner Meinung nach hervorragend.
    ich bin schon sehr gespannt wann ich die Messer drehen muß.

  34. sam (verified owner)

    Fantastic service, quick payment and quick delivery here to the highlands of Scotland, which surprisingly only took 2 days! The machine itself is easy to move around and chips comfortably at 2”!

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well built and well engineered little machine. Powerful given it’s size. Could do with a handle to make it easier to move around.

  36. Rob Parkes (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, well packaged, easy assembly, great little chipper, dog wood, birch branches, poplar and conifer not a problem. I use to be a tree surgeon, I’m very impressed.

  37. Andrea Warner (verified owner)

  38. Jason Farnworth (verified owner)

    Totally impressed, such a difference compared to electric ones from DIY shops. Very quick delivery, easy to put together, double access filling points for oil making it easy to fill and started first pull. It does like a little choke each start and roughly used a litre of fuel working constantly for an hour. Easily chipped 2 inches diameter branches when I took down a tree, along with damp hedging clipped over a couple of months ago. Easy to access if it gets clogged and remove blades for sharpening when necessary. Such a powerful machine in a small compact size and easy to wheel around or lift. Some people complained about the wiring, personally see no problem and certainly not an issue. Made quick light work to chip a tree into nice chips for mulching around the flower beds. One negative, one could easily get carried away and end up with no trees left! Highly recommend.

  39. Jason Farnworth (verified owner)

    Totally impressed, such a difference compared to DIY shop electric ones. Very quick delivery, good price, easy to put together, easy oil access and started first pull. Likes a little choke each start using roughly 1 litres fuel working constantly for an hour. Easily chipped 2inch diameter branches and damp hedging left from a couple of months ago. Easy access to service and clear if blocked. Some people complained about its wiring but found it of no concern. Compact and powerful, easily maneuverable on its wheels or to lift. Made light work chipping a tree to use as mulch. Highly recommend.

  40. Peter B. (verified owner)

    Straightforward instructions to put the wheels and chutes on except last two M3 nuts and bolts, eventually found tiny holes for them !, oil and fuel easy. Instructions to start easy and started second pull, brilliant. Cuts clean and small, lovely.

  41. DANIEL SMITH (verified owner)

  42. Mick

    purchased pre built ( I always seem to have spare bits after any thing I build)
    cut down an ash tree for a friend took off all side branches away the chipper went merrily munching all thrown at it
    easy to move about
    very happy

  43. Gary Collins (verified owner)

    Wow, what an amazing little wood chipper. Ordered a pre-assembled unit directly from the website (as it was actually cheaper than a self assembly unit). A few minor issues with the courier, but once delivered, the chipper was up an running in minutes. Started 2nd pull, put through some thin branches and kept increasing the thickness to see what the unit could really handle. This is a diddy, wood chipper, possibly a little smaller than I was expecting, but it has some serious grunt. It easily handled 2+ inch branches with ease and the small dimensions makes it easy to move around my 30 acre smallholding.

    I’m seriously impressed with this chipper and the service from Forest Master.

  44. Martin W. (verified owner)

    Good machine, good service 👍

  45. Andrew H. (verified owner)

    Fantastic machine, makes chipping very quick and easy

  46. Robert Stewart (verified owner)

    Fast effective service came in 2 boxes looking forward to assembly

  47. William A. (verified owner)

    Initial reaction is very good machine. Easy to assemble, started easily, and worked it’s way easily through a large pile of branches. Roll on February for the next serious test when the hedges are all cut.

  48. Andrew Monk (verified owner)

    It’s a brilliant piece of equipment but just a suggestion that you put a handle of some sort on it to push around as it’s pretty low.

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product. Fast delivery

  50. philip cross (verified owner)

    After looking at wood chippers online I found the reviews and videos were very good for the petrol forest master, so it arrived within 3 days ! It took no time at all to put together, the instructions were very clear, I have chipped apple and cherry tree branches upto 50mm thick and am very pleased with its performance, any thicker than 50mm I would have for my Woodburner,
    I am very pleased with my experience with forest master and there product and would definitely recommend this chipper!

  51. Graeme C Forsyth (verified owner)

    Bought the chipper on the 28th, it arrived on the 30th. assembled the chipper on the 1st and used it on the same day, after getting to know the chipper and work out how it work I am very happy with the Compact Petrol 6HP Wood Chipper Direct Drive FM6DD . Thank you for the quick delivery and a cheep chipper for my Garden. Cheers Graeme.

  52. MARK moston (verified owner)

    Went together very easy
    On using quite awkward shredding short branches as the shredder itself is quite long and you cant see inside
    Shredder on longer branches where you can properly push them in works fine

  53. Hugh Tate (verified owner)

    A couple of very minor problems were apparent after the very quick delivery. The output spout was a bit bent at the tip through indifferent handling by the delivery team, not enough to affect the operation just cosmetic, and the earth wire on the cut off switch was sticking up, adjusting the mounting bolt sorted that.
    Performance is brilliant. It is very compact for what it does so is easy to store and it is light enough that it can be manhandled over small obstacles.
    It happily chomps its way through anything up to its two inch capacity discharging it a maximum of about twelve feet with the bulk of the output falling between four and six feet away. Distance is dependant upon the material you are feeding it, the smallest falling closer.
    With care you can process material that it is not really suited to like nettle stems if you mix in some woody stuff to keep the spout clear. Don’t expect it to cope with long grass or leaves. Buy a shredder for that.
    Two things I would change are:-
    1. Widen the track so the wheel on the cutter side was flush with the end of the feed tube to give it a little more stability on rough ground.
    2. If I was using it without the mandated EU plate on the feed spout I would widen the mounting plate for the rubber flap to stop twigs getting stuck.
    I may put a tow bar on it so I can hook it onto the back of my ride on mower if I can design something that does not get in the way.
    Five stars are barely enough. The order was processed as quickly as you can reasonably expect and the product works well.
    What more could you want.

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

    But I am missing my oil!!!! Whim should I contact? I had to buy my own to start while I ordered it

  55. Pete S. (verified owner)

    What a terrific piece of kit! It took 30 mins to assemble and then easily chomped its way a pile of branches and most of a large Xmas tree. Much better than my previous woodchipper (different manufacturer) which was forever blocking

  56. Michael Russell (verified owner)

    So far very pleased. Still to open and assemble!

  57. Chris (verified owner)

    Selected this model after some research, taking into account spec, price and reading reviews.
    Wanted a machine to deal with medium to large garden maintenance tasks.
    Ordering and delivery was faultless, arrived within 24 hours.
    Opted to assemble the machine from a boxed delivery which was straightforward and clear instructions provided. Quality of materials, fastners and fit looks good. Engine starts first pull and is running in nicely. Oil change is easy too, all areas for maintenance are accessible.
    A top quality product that performs very well, and does exactly what is described. A happy purchase, thank you👍

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to build and starts first time, oil fill is fiddly as not easy to access but that’s the same with all small petrol engines. Not actually used it to process anything yet but I have a pile ready to go when the weathers better and I’m fairly convinced it will do the job with ease. It’s my first chipper so nothing to compare it to but I looked at some bigger chippers that could chip 80mm however if I had branches that big I would use them in the log burners so this is ideal for what we need and with the 20% January sale it was a reasonable price. Also take a look at the outlet as ex Demo stock available which again is competitively priced and ready built.

  59. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and easy to assemble

  60. Andrew Hewitt (verified owner)

    Product came quickly and was easy to assemble . We are a small garden and landscape outfit and often have to clear areas, which leads to alot of waste. The wood chipper FM6DD has on its first outing munched through everything we have thrown at it. Very impressive. It would not suit a tree surgeon, but it is a powerful machine for its size and I would not hesitate to recommend this chipper.

  61. David McLeod (verified owner)

  62. Alistair Barr (verified owner)

  63. Phil (verified owner)

    Fantastic machine, superb service, very prompt.

  64. Greg S. (verified owner)

    Excellent product, great value…ordered Saturday, delivered Tuesday morning, self assembly was straightforward and took approx. 30 mins due to good instructions, chipper started on second pull and worked like a dream. Would recommend and buy again. Thank you.

  65. john (verified owner)

    Arrived promptly and well packaged. Clear instructions for construction, took me an hour to put together. This is a well constructed unit, heavier than it looks. Once built and filled with oil (you will need a syphon to fill) it started on the 3rd pull. I have built up the size of the material I have chipped over the past few weeks to build confidence in its ability, but anything 1 inch and less it will easily chip away at, keeping an eye on the revs for the larger pieces of 2 inches or in some cases slightly more.
    The inlet funnel comes with a safety cover limiting the shape of material you can put into the chipper, you cannot see this in any of the marketing pictures provided. I removed these (I am a qualified arborist and so used to working with much larger chipping units than this) as it will then allow you to put all sorts of shaped branches and material for chipping in the unit.
    I am impressed with the unit thus far, after 3 weeks use, cannot comment on long term reliability, however it starts first pull every time thus far and blades still look like new.

  66. royston (verified owner)

    Easy to follow instruction to build ate everything mulch to a good size and chips to small great buy love it

  67. Stephen Bruton (verified owner)

    Super little chipper !! A bargain and Forest Master can supply any spares for it too ! Makes me wonder why I wasted money on all those “ plastic” b and q ones! Top marks Forest Master!!! 😍

  68. David S. (verified owner)

    An excellent machine, well worth the money. It was delivered quickly and required minimal assembly. Very safe to use and does what it says on the tin!

  69. Calum S. (verified owner)

    Really liked this machine, did put it out of it comfort zone one or twice but this perky little machine just took it in its stride, obviously the straighter the wood, boy does it just chomp it up, not bad on fuel, did a whole 5 litres in few hours, non stop running, topped up and pulled, started every time! Bloody dream to work with, just need something bigger for all the bigger limbs!

  70. Philius

    Commandé chez ECTools via Amazon NL et reçu en 4 jours.
    Le montage est fait en +- 1 heure. J’ai été impressionné par la robuste et la qualité de ce broyeur. Je possédais un broyeur Eliet Minor, le broyeur FD66 est bien plus rapide et broie beaucoup mieux (plus fin) et plus rapidement que l’Eliet, les branches de 5cm passe sans problème. Reste à voir la durée de vie des lames. Achat à recommander !!!

  71. Gerard M. (verified owner)

    The FM6DD Chipper is a fantastic bit of machinery. It was ordered Tuesday, arrived Wednesday. On Thursday it was running for 7 hours straight, stopping once to refuel. It was easy to assemble and find the appropriate settings for fuel/air ratio.

    The FM6DD made light work of all material, creating approximately 10 wheelbarrows worth of chippings without fail.

    I’ll reserve judgement on reliability but it is very well built. Only minor criticism is manoeuvrability, it would benefit from a hand truck (dolley) style handle to move it around with ease.

    If you have a large garden or occasionally need a Chipper, it’s well worth the investment versus hire costs.

    I hope this review helps.

  72. Dani G. (verified owner)

    Painless shopping experience, from order to delivery. The product is very good quality too and was up and running within an hour of it being delivered. Would recommend and will use Forest Master again. Thanks

  73. Stephen (verified owner)

    Overall quite pleased with what and how it copes with stuff fed into it and that it was a reasonable price. Having previously experienced a few electric chippers at various price points this petrol one is most definitely better than all of them and it hasn’t jammed once so far… Can’t comment on its reliability or lifespan as only had it a few days

  74. Terrance Camsey (verified owner)

    The chipper arrived on time and on the day stated, well packed and very easy to assemble. After reading the instructions which most men don’t, myself included most of the time, topped up the oil and filled the petrol tank. After priming and two pulls on the cord, away it went.
    After about 20 min of great chipping the machine ground to a holt. Checked the oil, fuel, connections and then the spark plug which had no spark. Great l thought, got myself a lemon here.
    Spent ages trying to figure it out before l went to bed but no joy, l am a machanical engineer by trade.
    Next day, got up after thinking all night what it could be so decided to remove the washer and spring washer from the hopper input to see if the bolt was making contact with the micro switch. After the removel of the washers and the bolt tightened again, pulled the starter cord and away it went with no further trouble.
    After contacting the maintenance team, they quickly sent out a new bolt as they said it might be slightly undersized and the length is crucial. I have to say this is a great chipper and really happy so far, l would highly recommend this machine for light jobs and for the price is well worth the money.

  75. Kathryn (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery and easy to assemble – working well that afternoon chipping all my fallen tree branches.

  76. Anthony (verified owner)

    Absolutely brillant and does what it says on the tin. Use it at the allotment for the first time and over half a day it chipped the cuttings from eight fruit trees.

  77. Dean (verified owner)

    Arrived within 24hrs of purchase. Carrier that was used kept me informed on delivery.
    Fairly easy to assemble together , and once oil and petrol was put in it fired within a couple of pulls.
    It’s chipped everything up to 2inch so far . Have to cut side shoots off material on some pieces as shoot is quite narrow .

    I be honest I was quite sceptical before purchasing as it seemed a little to good to be true with price . But I have been really impressed with it so far and can’t really think of a thing wrong with it

  78. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Rapid delivery (ordered on Sunday, arrived on Tuesday). Easy to assemble. Works brilliantly. Very happy!

  79. Donald Jones (verified owner)

    Very prompt delivery ,easy to put together oil and petrol in started second pull ,probably woul have started first if I’d remembered to turn it on ,bit wet here in Devon to try but ready to go👍

  80. Jason (verified owner)

    Delivered really quickly, easy to assemble. Used for the first time today with mix of branches – fantastic piece of kit. 4 wheelbarrow loads of chipping on a single tank of fuel.

  81. Lee W. (verified owner)

    First class next day delivery, very competitive price and the chipper is brilliant. My second machine from Forest Master (log splitter was first). Both great purchases.

  82. Christopher A. (verified owner)

    A great product & easy to build. Works well, a couple of jams but cleared quickly removing the chutes after rendering the equipment immobile. However, wheeling the chipper around the garden was extremely difficult. It genuinely needs a handle similar to a golf cart. Our garden is 2/3rds of an acre with different levels. The only negative feedback.

  83. Mal L. (verified owner)

    Great machine, seems well built and does the job well. Could do with some sort of handle to help move it around but a minor quibble.

  84. Andrew Bayfield (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the product and delivery process. Paid for assembly then delivered on pallet. Wheeled it off the pallet and off to its first job.

  85. Duncan (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the Compact Petrol Wood Chipper FM6DD – it chomps easily through wood making light work of dealing with a fallen tree – exceeded my expectations. Should have got one years ago!

  86. Paul S. (verified owner)

    A fantastic start to this chipper friendship! It’s far too early to comment on durability. But machine setup was easy. I enjoyed putting it together. There are a Couple of chips out of the orange paintwork. Delivery was so fast 👍

  87. WILLIAM F. (verified owner)

    An excellent wood chipper, easy to assemble. My only comment would be a handle to move it around would be helpful, as moving around a large area to get to where you want to chip wood is a bit difficult.

    Otherwise, it works well and I am very happy with it

  88. Michal C. (verified owner)

    Perfect tool! Quick and easy setup!

  89. Gavin (verified owner)

    Brilliant piece of kit, perfect for clearing up hedge clippings and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how powerful it is, it’s not struggled with anything I’ve put in it

  90. Paul Rowley (verified owner)

    Excellent service and product is absolutely fab.

  91. chris donnelly (verified owner)

    wow this little thing is a fantastic bit of kit i ordered mine and came next day fully assembled iv used it on a few small jobs and its worked great

    but then i had a big job come up and i worked it literally all day i chipped that much it took 15 dumpy bags to get rid of it all i wish i could up load some pics of how great it is it did not skip a beat best machine iv got by fare if your looking for a small but very powerful chipper todo gardening jobs this is the machine guys you will not be sorry in this purchase

  92. Anonymous (verified owner)

    have not used it yet but looks okay just now

  93. Mark (verified owner)

    Great service and a really good machine, many thanks

  94. Laurence J. (verified owner)

    Delivered in super fast time and assembly very straightforward . Haven’t had time to use it but I have a large overgrown woodland area so it will be tested to destruction. Hopefully I can report back on how it copes.

  95. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Compact and powerful wood chipper, very satisfied with the performance considering cost!

  96. Mr DM Cowdell (verified owner)

    Opted for the boxed option, really easy to assemble and although not fired up yet looks very good quality

  97. Andrew C. (verified owner)

    Great piece of kit so far. Only used it briefly.

  98. Chris (verified owner)

    Vendor was 5 star. Ordered one day, arrived the next. No problems there.

    The chipper is an excellent unit. I have about 40 hrs on it now and the blades are as new. Loads of power and easy to start. My only complaints are the wheelbase is too narrow. If you are trying to manoeuvre or position it on uneven ground it will easily tip over. It’s very hard to tie down if you need to transport it anywhere and because I’m not planning on chipping walking sticks I left out the feed guide during assembly or any limbs with a slight kink won’t fit. Overall though a great machine that fits on the rack of an ATV.

  99. carleton edwards (verified owner)

    excellent value for money, so far it has shredded everything I’ve given it – ash branches – -hawthorn – and smaller prunings from the garden. No problem.

  100. CHARLES GOODMAN (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this item. Portable yet appears to be very sturdy and well made at a reasonable price for a semi pro peace ok kit.

  101. Don (verified owner)

    Small but robust and powerful, certainly seems to be up to the domestic needs for which it was bought. Very good service from the suppliers, and speedy delivery.

  102. Mark D. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this little powerful machine. Easily lifted in and out of the boot of the car or into the trailer, and did a fabulous job of chipping the hedge and tree cuttings.

  103. Glyn Davidson (verified owner)

    Awesome kit of kit for its size and weight ,really pleased, this will be out most days with me

  104. Anonymous (verified owner)

  105. Ryan D. (verified owner)

    Fantastic machine. Already paid for itself in the money saved from using contractors to clear up a load of trees. Definitely recommend!

  106. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As described and great service.

  107. Kevin (verified owner)

    10/10 machine. Does exactly what it says on the description. Compact size but plenty of power. Great value for money.

  108. kenneth buckley (verified owner)

    Happy with the chipper great service and fast delivery,engine mounting bolts could do with being slightly longer apart from that no problems

  109. Edward Green (verified owner)

  110. Sandra B. (verified owner)

    Delivery was quicker than expected, took about an hour to put it together and it started on the second pull. We had no trouble using it and after approx 20 mins chipping branches and twigs we had an overflowing wheelbarrow load which we’re using for pathways and weed suppressant around plants.
    Best to wear a face visor as bits of wood do sometimes fly out of the feeder but it’s easy to use and we’re really pleased with it.

  111. kevin (verified owner)

    After a lot of research I went for this as it was compact and still had plenty of power.So glad I did.Delivery was super quick (next day) and I found it easy to put together.Started on third pull and went straight to work.Did find out it’s best to not overfeed it with leafy branches as it did clog up once and whilst there’s quite a good maximum size of branch indicated for this machine I would be carefull,as it does snatch the bigger stuff from you and can move it around quite powerfully as it goes in.Just be sensible and don’t over do it on branch diameter.Its easy to move around and ideal for getting into tight spots.Overall I think this is a great but of kit

  112. Richard (verified owner)

    Great machine, compact, affordable and does the job – just a few minor grumbles… firstly, the instruction manual doesn’t always come across as easy to read when you cross reference it with the parts supplied (I chose to assemble as I’m reasonably competent at such tasks) and the diagrams are tiny to look at and decipher. And finally, the machine is recommended on chipping “fresh” branches – and this is absolutely true as anything cut over a month old has caused a few blocking issues subsequently requiring stopping and clearing etc. A great product – but could be even better.

  113. Ray Scott (verified owner)

    No info given as to assembly completed and machine tested, wheel show dirt and use. Delivery was very nearly a week & contact with carrier was not possible as know one answers their phone!

  114. Lewis Alexander (verified owner)

    Top class customer service over the phone, more than able to answer questions before I purchased and glad I did. Thank you for the most pleasant purchasing experience. arrived next day, assembled the day after, like meccano lol.

  115. ALAN C. (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic machine and delivers the performance I had hoped for. The assistance from Donna and Ian has been fantastic.

  116. Ross Nicholls (verified owner)

    Instructions were ok but i was left with x2 washers and x2 pins. Also there is no way the chipper can handle 50mm pieces of wood! Also i found it ran out if fuel really quickly!

  117. James Naylor (verified owner)

    Easy enough to assemble. Simple to operate. Powerful, compact device. Made lightwork of a huge pile of beech cuttings. Very happy!

  118. Richard Borrett (verified owner)

  119. John Mc Donnell (verified owner)


  120. Michael J. (verified owner)

    Great service

  121. Alex H. (verified owner)

    Axle is too big for the bearings in the wheel forced one on and broke the other bearing while putting the other wheel on so will need a new one and having to use without the wheels on, not the greatest start from you guys.

    Other than that chipper starts and chips well

  122. Jon (verified owner)

    We’ll packaged and quickly posted out. Machine was easy to put together following the clear instructions, but not had chance to use it in anger yet……

  123. Karl S. (verified owner)

    This wood chipper is a Mini monster fits my needs exactly , looking forward to buying the mulcher

  124. James C. (verified owner)

  125. Keith (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the chipper and having spent the day mulching hedge clippings I can see that this will be a useful addition to an armoury of essential garden tools. It seems wood gets mulched better than leaves but it does what it is supposed to do, however it uses a fair bit of petrol so will be used sparingly until the price of petrol comes down. Ear defenders make for a more enjoyable experience. Delivered by Tufnells with care and politeness.

  126. David Hardy (verified owner)

    Very good service

  127. Alberto B. (verified owner)

    It is exactly the chipper I needed, small enough to carry it in the car but powerful. So far I have chopped about 3 cubic meters of fresh branches. The motor runs effortlessly. The hopper is necessarily a bit small, and to increase productivity I sometimes remove the limiting plate at the funnel mouth, being very careful not to insert my hand too deep. The only downside is the lack of a handle to move it easily, since moving over uneven terrain, given the high center of gravity, it could tip over. It is the ideal tool for a gardener, if you have to cut … a forest you naturally need another size 😉 (Alberto – Italy)

  128. Luke Darby (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery, very clear website great service. With an excellent product quality.

  129. James Hall (verified owner)

    Nice change to purchase an item so solidly and well built – no flimsy plastic in sight.
    Compared to electric chippers that I have owned the performance is awesome and gets the job done in a fraction of the time.

  130. Andrew C. (verified owner)

    Good price. Delivered on time. Easy to put together. Working a treat munching our garden waste. Would recommend.

  131. joanne (verified owner)

    Can highly recommend excellent fast delivery and great product

  132. paul (verified owner)

    Just purchased this to chip up mainly hedge cuttings, ordered one day delivered the next day at the time specified on the email notification this was excellent.
    First try out was with privet hedge after reducing the hedge by about 1 metre. Chipped through this with out any issues looking forward to using it further through the season.

  133. n f l. (verified owner)

    This machine was delivered boxed next day and proved easy and straightforward to assemble with clear instructions.
    Started after second pull and is a very good machine at doing what it is supposed to.
    Only downside is that it is not easy to moved over uneven ground and would benefit from some form of handle.
    That said excellent, well made machine that I would thoroughly recommend.

  134. Stephen R. (verified owner)

    Excellent service with quick delivery as promised. Item seems to be well made and works very well. Would buy again.

  135. Stuart J. (verified owner)

    Well made, solid bit of kit. Has chewed through everything I’ve put through it. Very happy with my purchase.

  136. Graham E. (verified owner)

    Excellent service from start to finish. Arrived promptly next day with no damage. Very easy to assemble. Started first pull. Chips up everything that is put into it. Very satisfied customer.

  137. Chris van den Bergh (verified owner)

    Brilliant piece of equipment

  138. terence large (verified owner)

    I am a person who does not give praise lightly
    Hope the following helps.
    1. Great product.
    2. Fantastic customer service
    3. First class delivery
    4.Would I recommend this product.

  139. Debbie M. (verified owner)

    What a marvellous Well made value for money machine, superfast delivery. brilliant chipping up hedgtrimmings
    onto compost heap,
    Highly recommend, thankyou very much 😀

  140. Peter F. (verified owner)

    Thank you to Forest Products. The chipper arrived 24 hrs after it was ordered. It is a mighty little machine and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a wood chipper for a medium sized or larger garden.

  141. Miranda Farrell (verified owner)

    Very helpful

  142. Simon Jones (verified owner)

  143. Kevin D. (verified owner)

    The loading point is not large enough and does not allow for anything other than 50mm branches

  144. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great little chipper. Have used it now for a couple of days and it has handled everything I have put through it.

  145. Simon Hide (verified owner)

    All good!

  146. Paul Hughes (verified owner)

    Very competitively priced and arrived the next morning, couldn’t ask for more !

  147. Clive Bush (verified owner)

    Neat compact piece of kit

  148. Ken jones (verified owner)

    Fantastic service and prompt delivery.

  149. Nigel Harding (verified owner)

  150. Alexander K. (verified owner)

    Ordered the unit preassembled. Looks well mad. Put petrol in it and it started on the 2nd pull. Sounded good. To date not put any branches through it, but from the reviews I watched on YouTube it is more machine than I will ever need. Arrived on time.

  151. Sophie Ford (verified owner)

    Amazing little machine packs a punch

  152. Thomas Hardcastle (verified owner)

    Wonderful piece of kit. Ordered Thursday night, it arrived Saturday lunchtime. Easy to assemble, started first pull, seems very sturdy and robust.

  153. Francis Yeomans (verified owner)

    Apart from the fact I thought I’d ordered the new blade and tool it’s fine , must be my mistake.

  154. Gary (verified owner)

    Bought the FM6DD to use on a large garden and paddock. Plenty of surrounding trees and shrubs to maintain.
    First impressions are the FM6DD is a well built, solid, compact chipper. Delivered promptly. Came well packed. Easy enough to put together. Up and running in no time. Had it running without any problems for several hours. So far so good. Let’s see how it goes over the next few months when there’s plenty more work needs sorting.
    Points to mention: the wheel base is quite narrow so not as stable as you’d like on uneven surfaces when moving the chipper around. Although the machine is light enough to lift some kind of handle would have been useful.
    Overall a nice, well priced, compact chipper.

  155. Chris Devismes (verified owner)

    A really good bit of kit once I worked out you have to turn an electrical switch, lol. Haven’t tried anything over 1″ whilst the engine beds in but it’s eating everything with ease. Made an extension/handle from some smaller diameter tube that fits into the hopper tube which makes it much easier to wheel about. (something you might consider as an addition, perhaps)

  156. Gabor Polonyi (verified owner)

  157. Julian (verified owner)

    Well priced compared to electric ones available which just did not do the job. Delivery was next day in 2 boxes. Real question is how many years will it continue to perform to justify the expense…

  158. Nathaniel Day (verified owner)

    Amazingly fast free delivery, ordered Friday. Expected it Tuesday to factor in processing. Came Saturday afternoon. Top marks!

  159. Mike Bland (verified owner)

    Great service fast delivery and great chipper unbelievable performance living it.

  160. Robert H. (verified owner)

    Works well delivery was amazing thank you very much

  161. Margaret Hughes (verified owner)

  162. Nick T. (verified owner)

    Excellant little chipper. Struggles with green leafy material but fantastic for small branches etc. I bought it as I’d been asked to remove about 2 metres off the top of a long conifer hedge – coped really well, even with branches around 2 inches wide and didn’t struggle at all for the 6 hours I used it.

  163. Richard A. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Easy assembly. Not used yet – but looks like it will do the work required.

  164. Chris S. (verified owner)

    First outing- cutting willow hedges on the farm. Easy to use and handle- just add to the trailer with chainsaw etc for lone working it’s ideal

  165. Richard Herbert (verified owner)

    So far so good. I guess i was surprised … again … by vat .. not being included – maybe my lack of diligence. Have only used it once so far and have had to clear a jam – probably through not having enough revs. Might be under spec’d for my needs – but my issue not FM’s. Oil instructions could be a bit clearer. But so far so good. Thanks

  166. Christine (verified owner)

    Good quality robust product. Prompt delivery and does the job of chipping vast quantities of garden waste.

  167. Brian Woolley (verified owner)

  168. trevor (verified owner)

    Great piece of kit should have brought one years ago instead of shredder will recommend to friends and family thanks.

  169. Zak New (verified owner)

    First class product & customer service, thank you.

  170. Rachel (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Very reasonable delivery charge for a heavy item to be delivered to the Scottish Highlands. The chipper is superb & has made light work of everything I’ve thrown at it so far. Very good value for money.

  171. Adrian C. (verified owner)

    Good price, delivered very promptly, easily assembled following good instructions, started easily and used straight away. Disposed of a pile of prunings with ease. Very pleased with my new tool!

  172. Mike Metcalf (verified owner)

    Excellent service and the chipper is brilliant

  173. Norman (verified owner)

    Great little chipper arrived very quick up and running in no time

  174. JOHN FROST (verified owner)

    Great little machine for chipping and easy to put together

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Q & A

Can you adjust the blade position/s so that a more finer chipping is obtained. I seem to remember reading, that you can do this on the website, but cannot now find the page. PETER NELSON asked on July 29, 2022

The blade gap can indeed be adjusted in order to enable finer chipping. You can find instructions within the product manual (https://forest-master.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/FM6DD_FM4DDE-260121.pdf) on page 18.

Forest Master answered on August 2, 2022 store manager
(0) (0)
Can I run any garden waste through this chipper? Leaves and bits from herbaceous border for example. Rob Ward asked on June 25, 2022

Generally, the accepted ratio for the wood chipper is around 80/20. 80% of the material should be wood and this will facilitate the 20% of greenery. If you want to chip and shred more green material, then the FM6DD-MUL is the recommended machine as this will allow any ratio of wood to greenery.

Forest Master answered on June 28, 2022 store manager
(0) (0)
What fuel does this require? E5 or E10? Ben Alderson asked on October 22, 2021

Hi Ben, all Forest Master wood chippers are suitable for both E5 and E10 fuel.

Forest Master answered on October 25, 2021 store manager
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