the uses of an angle grinder

Uses of an Angle Grinder

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An angle grinder is one of the versatile tools that can be used for doing multiple jobs. Far away from cutting, grinding, and sanding, there are more than 100 uses of angle grinders. Thanks to its wide range of attachments, you can use an angle grinder in place of many other tools.

According to Angle Grinder Guide, an angle grinder is enough to replace hundreds of other tools in your workshop.

So this article will truly talk about the uses of angle grinder and will unveil some common uses of angle grinder and places where an angle grinder is used mostly.

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Angle Grinder – A Versatile Powertool

Ever wonder why an angle grinder is called a versatile tool. The reason is, it can be used on any material be it wood, metal, concrete, or marble. You have the freedom to use it on every surface. Secondly, it has got a huge range of abrasive disc attachments which can be used for different jobs, such as cutting ceramic tiles diamond blade disc is used.

Angle grinders are available in different sizes such as 4, 4.5,5,6,7, 9, and 12 inches. Large angle grinders have large wheel diameters and small angle grinders have small wheel diameters. You can even perform heavy-duty jobs with small angle grinders.

Uses of an Angle Grinder

When it comes to the uses of angle grinders; trust me, there are countless uses of angle grinders. Angle grinder gives you the freedom to do numerous jobs with just a single tool. We have mentioned cardinal uses of angle grinders:

  • Grinding and sharpening
  • Cutting
  • Polishing
  • Sanding
  • De-rusting

Grinding and Sharpening

How silly it would be if angle grinder can’t grind? Well, angle grinders are used for grinding different objects. Not only grinding, but they can also sharpen different tools and uneven joints. A good example of this is that the replacement blades within our compact chipper series can be easily resharpened. This is one of many uses of an angle grinder.

replacement chipper blades, uses of an angle grinder, resharpening

If you want to grind any bad weld job or remove rust from metal, then install the grinding disc of the angle grinder and start.


An angle grinder can become a metal cutting machine just by installing its cutting wheel. An angle grinder can be used to cut tiles, masonry, concrete and metal. . It’s a perfect tool to cut obnoxious metal pieces at a strangled site. Angle grinder runs at very high speed. This means you can cut a piece of metal within seconds. For precise cutting, there are angle grinders that run at a comparatively lower speed.

Using an Angle Grinder to cut metal


Using the right abrasive wheel disc, you can polish the dull piece of metal with your angle grinder. With a gentle and single touch of angle grinder, your dulled metal will begin to shine within minutes. The worth mentioning part here is, an angle grinder can be used to polish every sort of material be it wood, metal, or stone.


A rough wood can be evened out using an angle grinder. Just install the sanding wheel of the angle grinder and you are ready to clean metal, tiles, and different tools. The sanding wheel of an angle grinder is also known as a flap disc as it has flaps all around the disc. With the help of flap disc sanding becomes easier and effective.


Have your precious metal tools become rusted?

If yes, then don’t worry, angle grinder will make all your tools new, by de-rusting them.

An angle grinder can be used for removing rust from different tools and equipment. This in turn increases the lifespan of tools. De-rusting can be done by fixing the grinding wheel or flap disc.

Other Uses of an Angle Grinder

The above-mentioned uses are the basic uses of angle grinder. Where else you can use an angle grinder? Let’s check it out:

Auto Mechanic Shop

Angle grinder is one of the most useful tools at an automobile shop. It is used to grind damaged car parts. Besides this, for removing old car paint angle grinders are the perfect companion. It won’t damage the metal underneath.

Sometimes when a mechanic has to revamp an old damaged car, an angle grinder becomes the most important tool in such projects as it removes rust from the parts of the car. Sand and polish different parts of the car.

Construction Sites

During the construction of any building, an angle grinder is the most crucial tool there. An angle grinder is there with every labour for doing different tasks. Some labourers use angle grinders for cutting tiles, concrete, and marble pieces. Whereas some labourers use it for removing old mortars. Besides this, an angle grinder is used for sanding and polishing the floor skirting.

Construction site, angle grinder

For cleaning, cutting, and polishing metal angle grinder is the tool of choice for every metal worker.

It would not be wrong if I say that at a construction site, an angle grinder is the highest using tool.

Carpenter Shop

Angle grinders are quite useful in craving the woods in minutes. Besides this, sawing is also a possible use of angle grinder at carpenter shop. Since carpenter has to plan and sand the wood, that’s why an angle grinder is a must-have tool in their shed.

Wrapping Up

An angle grinder is the tool of choice for DIY enthusiasts. You don’t need to have many other complicated tools when you have an angle grinder in your workshop. This versatile power tool can be used for different purposes. Either it’s removing paint/rust from objects or cutting/carving wood or cutting metal or tiles, using an angle grinder won’t disappoint in any of your DIY projects. Just buy its wide range of attachments and experience the never-ending uses of angle grinder.

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  1. Chance Cook

    I didn’t know that small angle grinders can handle heavy-duty jobs too. That changes my plan a little bit. Now I can get a small one and save money.

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