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Forest Master Coupon

5% Off Coupon for Forest Master? – Here’s How

So you want a 5% off coupon for your next Forest Master purchase? Here’s how. Step 1: Have a Forest Master splitter or chipper Step 2: Take a photo of you stood next to your Forest Master splitter or chipper (smiles are preferred, but whatever you want) Step 3: Send in your picture to […]

Face Masks

Free PPE Masks With Every Purchase

At Forest Master, we value our customers and are always looking for ways to help keep everybody safe, especially during these difficult times in which nothing is certain. We understand the COVID-19 has rocked the boat and upset the norm for many people, increasing the dangers of carrying out day to day activities that not […]

myths of composting, composting myths, gardening

The Myths of Composting

There are a lot of myths and rumours which frequently circulate around the internet regarding composting, these rumours often result in people giving up before they’ve even started the process of creating their own. We’re going to take a look into some of these rumours and shed some light on the composting myths that so […]

ppe mask, disposable face mask, protective equipment, 50 face masks

PPE CE Certified Disposable Face Masks

We’re offering clients and friends of Forest Master an opportunity to buy CE Certified Protective Face Masks at cost price.

log splitter work bench and safety cage, log splitter accessory, forest master

Forest Master Work Bench & Safety Cage

All of our electric log splitters (FM5, FM8, FM10 & FM16) are now supplied with a work bench and safety cage that meet all European safety legislation.

Wood burning properties

Wood Burning Properties

The fuel wood burning properties of different wood types, including the density which gives an indication of how hard a wood is to split.

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