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the uses of an angle grinder

Uses of an Angle Grinder

Reading Time: 5 minutes An angle grinder is one of the versatile tools that can be used for doing multiple jobs. Far away from cutting, grinding, and sanding, there are more than 100 uses of angle grinders. Thanks to its wide range of attachments, you can use an angle grinder in place of many other tools. According to Angle […]

What is a Felling Lever & Why you need one!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Forest Master is the UK #1 brand for log splitters (and renowned for our wood chippers). But, we offer so much more than that. Our extensive product range caters to any and all your forestry fanatic needs. The ingenuity that you love from the chippers and splitters has been applied to these products too. Consequently, […]

Your chipper shredder guide – what can you put through?

Reading Time: 4 minutes When it comes to feeding your plant pals what they need, there are a few things you should and shouldn’t pop through your chipper shredder. (check out ours here) Why? Well, I asked the same question. But, much in the same way as humans need food and water your plants need nitrogen and carbon. Moreover, […]

Can your chipper mulcher’ wood chips be used as mulch?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Any gardener worth their salt knows the importance of mulch in relation to trees. Chances are it was a good layer of mulch (see our mulchers here) that helped keep the dinosaurs food nutrient-rich. These days we understand mulch benefits our plants in numerous ways; whether it’s controlling pests, reducing weeds or regulating the plant’s […]

Want to save £50 – here’s how!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Since launching our mulcher, we’re glad that you’ve loved it as much as we do. One question we’ve had more than any other “when’s the extension tool coming and how much will it be.” Well, due to the unprecedented popularity we have brought forward our launch of the extension tool that enables your shredder to […]

Is it worth buying a garden shredder?

Reading Time: 6 minutes I think of gardening much in the same way I think of (bear with me on this one) steaks. Now, you probably think I’m mad, but when you ask “is it worth buying a garden shredder,” I think “Is it worth buying a good steak.” Because sure, you can get a supermarket value-branded one and […]

How to grow an organic garden – a beginners guide

Reading Time: 5 minutes Like so many others, I’ve recently been considering going vegan. I’ve done the cliche millennial thing of ordering “beginners vegan cookbooks” (One-Pot Vegan & Five Ingredient Vegan if you’re interested). Moreover, I’ve begun the (painful) process of cutting dairy out of my diet. But, one thing I’ve noticed a lot, is people preaching the importance […]

Kitchen Garden Guide, from planning to planting

Reading Time: 5 minutes Now, if you’re anything like me, you’d assume a kitchen garden consists of a chilli plant found at your local supermarket and not much else. But, there’s so much more to it than that. Whether it be indoor or outdoor, this French originating concept has been around for centuries! In the blog, I’m going to […]

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