Compact 6HP Petrol Garden Shredder Mulcher Chipper FM6DD-MUL

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  • Mulches any and all Green Waste
  • Ideal for creating leaf mould (mulch)
  • Perfectly Balanced Lightweight and Manoeuvrable Design
  • Mulch/Chip wood into material 10mm down
  • Rotate and adjust the angle of the chutes
  • Patent (GB2100107.8) / International (PCT/IB2021/054494)
  • NEW! Adjustable exit chute for blockage-free mulching & chipping

Struggle with a pull cord? prefer an electric start petrol engine? click here.

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Garden Shredder Mulcher and Chipper for Wood, Plants and Garden Waste (FM6DD-MUL)

Mulching and composting just got a whole lot easier and more effective with our patented (GB2100107.8) 6HP Petrol Garden Shredder Mulcher.

New August 2022 Design Update: We’re always striving to improve our machines to make them the best they can possibly be and to meet our customer’s high expectations which we’ve built over decades of forestry experience.  Our August 2022 update features a newly designed exit chute which combats and prevents blockages when mulching and chipping.

Compact, Lightweight, Powerful and Robust are the best words to describe our brand-new and innovative machine. The first of its kind, the garden shredder is capable of receiving any waste you can throw at it and processing it into precious mulch, crucial in creating effective black gold (compost) for your garden. Plants, leaves or any other garden waste can be fed into the machine and the garden mulcher will provide you with invaluable material for your compost bin in an instant. Our mulcher has been stress tested with anything you can think of and it’s yet to meet garden waste it can’t handle. Wood older than three days may produce sawdust.

What gave us the inspiration for the machine? For years we have received customer enquiries asking if we had a suitable machine for such tasks as well-known competitor brands have tried and failed at this attempt, often falling at the first hurdle of being able to process wet green waste such as grass and ivy. Our machine is a tried and tested one-stop shop for all your mulching needs.

Not sure if you require a garden mulcher or a wood chipper? This is a question of the past as the FM6DD-MUL is perfectly capable of also chipping wood into wood chips that are 10mm and below. If you’re mulching material that is particularly wet or likes to stick to the chute, the machine is designed in such a way that you can simply hose down the chutes to clear out any excess material.

A ground-breaking design implemented within this unique and innovative machine is the ability to completely rotate/adjust the chipper drum to suit the material you’re processing. The full adjustable angle means that you have complete control over the speed at which the machine will mulch. Mulching a hard material? Simply rotate the hopper and chute to be vertical which allows the machine to process the material into the drum and produce a fine mulch result. The easier the material is to cut, the less steep you can rotate the machine to increase mulching speed. This innovative design works to prevent the engine from stalling as you can easily dictate how much material is processed and mulched at once.

How is the FM6DD-MUL Garden Shredder, Mulcher and Chipper better than competitors? Well, our machine is designed and produced using a steel design. You’ll find that the majority of garden shredders available on the market feature a plastic design. Why is steel better than plastic in this instance? The steel design is what allows our machine to be robust and powerful. Plastic designs can damage easily and cause issues down the road. Buy a machine – buy it once, is our motto. 95% of our machine is recyclable metals.

Prefer an electric motor? not a problem! We also have a 4HP Electric Counterpart (FM4DDE-MUL) to this mulcher which is capable of mulching all the same material.

Want to learn how to put this machine to the best use? Check out our gardening category within our blog and find out everything you need to know about creating compost. We cover every topic from mulching to creating your first compost pile, preparing your garden for the winter, creating leaf mould from scratch and finding the perfect mixture of household waste for your compost. We provide all the information you could ever need, and if that isn’t enough, we’re just a message away to help you understand anything you may need.

Internationally Protected (PCT/IB2021/054494)

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Shipping options

boxed, pre-assembled

Spare Replacement blades

No Spare Blades, x1 Forged Steel Blades + Removal Tool

Oil Add-on (600ml required)

No Oil, 600ML of 10W-40 Oil


Mulching Laurel, Vegetables and Wood with FM6DD-MUL 3-in-1

91 reviews for Compact 6HP Petrol Garden Shredder Mulcher Chipper FM6DD-MUL

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  1. Nick Woods (verified owner)

    What an excellent machine!
    We bought a competitor’s version with flail and side-cutter and it was useless, getting clogged instantly with normal garden refuse. This was even with all the extraneous guards removed that reduce any potential efficiency purely in the interests of Health and Safety. One wonders how such a poor design remains widespread on the market.
    In contrast, the FM6DD-MUL has gone through everything put into it, yielding a very good mix ideal for composting. It is also smaller, lighter and even slightly cheaper than the other machine, so we are delighted with it.
    Highly recommended!

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  2. Gerard W. (verified owner)

    Very handy for vegetable patch waste. Outlet shute tends to clog up if the material is wet; safety guard on inlet shute understandable, but basically requires taking off as it makes it virtually impossible to insert anything more than a thin stalk with it in place: Of course with guard removed, care needs to be used when inserting material and to ensure hand goes nowhere inside the inlet. Pleased overall, hence rating 4/5.

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  3. susan bevan (verified owner)

    Bought this as an improvement on my old garden shredder that just wasn’t up to the job. This one does exactly what I want.

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  4. Alan P. (verified owner)

    Overall very good product & service. Shreads branches & clippings to a fine mulch although awkward to feed clippings into the hopper due to the plate in the top. Could do with a handle to transport machine around.

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  5. William Mills (verified owner)

    Making mincemeat of the garden prunings
    Chomps it’s way through branches and foliage at a great rate

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  6. James Roy (verified owner)

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  7. Stuart B. (verified owner)

    Great shredder for branches / woody shrubs including leaves

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  8. Jeremy Rashbrooke (verified owner)

    Ordered a Mulcher/Chipper FM6DD-MUL with the additional chipper kit. Came within 2 days. Full instructions and straight forward to put together. The instructions were clear and concise and easy to follow. Only problem I had was there were no instructions included for fitting the chipper attachment. I telephoned customer services and within a few minutes the instructions were e mailed.
    The machine started first pull and works very well. The build quality is good and sturdy. I did remove the blanking plate from the feed hopper as this obstructs the material being chipped. Obviously this is a safety issue. Highly recommended

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  9. Harry P. (verified owner)

    Does the job well. It’s compact, portable and churns through most garden waste aside from larger branches pretty quickly. Great for diverting from the green waste bin, or bonfire, to the compost heap.

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  10. Matthew Davis (verified owner)

    Brilliant shredder. For someone with a large garden this has fast become invaluable. Anyone experiencing blockages simply isn’t using it correctly. For anything up to 3-4 cm this machine is an absolute beast. Can handle thicker branches but means the blades blunt quicker. Regret not buying one sooner and wasting so much woody material on the bonfire!

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  11. Steve Perry (verified owner)

    fabulous bit of kit been waiting for a long time for this having previously been dismayed by an einhell shredder made largely of plastic that destroyed several drive belts and I only got about an hours work out of it.

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  12. John Gaisey (verified owner)

    Before buying the FM6DD-MUL ,I read several independent reviews which rated highly the machine.It was not disappointment,I am really pleased with it.The assembly was pretty straight forward,and it started first time.It handled the branches etc very well with no problems,the only material that I wouldn’t mulch too often is cardboard(I don’t want to dull the blades!)
    It is very compact and takes up little space in my shed.
    Overall a very sturdy well built machine from a reliable company.

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  13. David S. (verified owner)

    Arrived the day after ordering which was great and assembly was reasonably straight forward although it would be really useful to colour code or label the respective parts needed for each different configuration so you don’t waste time trying to figure out which parts are required or not for your model. Having put it together and added oil/petrol it started first pull.
    Getting the machine to the end of the garden was a challenge as other reviews have also stated, there is a definite need for a handle arrangement to make moving it over uneven ground easier which is why I dropped the point in the score as I can see this being an ongoing problem every time i want to use it…. All things considered from a first use perspective it does a great job and looks sturdy enough to last so would recommend.

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  14. Michael (verified owner)

    Delivered promptly. As supplied and assembled as instructed, the machine is not effective. With the baffle installed in the hopper it is impossible to load soft or bushy items. With the bolts installed in the end of the discharge chute and with the mulcher turned to point straight down, the chute either blocks up or you are constantly having to clear the chippings away. However, with the hopper baffle removed and the chipper/mulcher turned as the adjustment allows and the bolts not installed in the end of the discharge chute, the machine works very well. Just don’t put your hand down the hopper or stick your hand up inside the discharge chute.

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  15. Mr David M Moat (verified owner)

    Service was excellent as product arrived next day assembled as ordered. Nothing much to do other than check oil level ( was slightly overfilled) and add fuel. Engine started on first pull.

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  16. Darren Whitaker (verified owner)

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  17. jason Lund

    Bought the FM6DD What an amazing bit of kit, Glad I did my homework, This is the only one to buy 100 Stars

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  18. Gerard (verified owner)

    great, super

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  19. John Foster (verified owner)

    Bit apprehensive about putting it all together but it was simpler than I thought – it helps to read the instructions and use the phone! I needed to make another call to find out how to rotate the chutes – such a simple fix, I wonder why it wasn’t mentioned in the instructions. Did my first big clear up today and found there is a definite knack to feeding the stuff in – less is the key , the mulcher likes long stemmed stuff and doesn’t like being stuffed full. But by and large a joy to use.

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  20. Dayne Bendle

    Bought this little thing after much deliberation. Very good price of equipment. Have only used once so far but it demolished all I had thrown at it! Mostly hazel, poplar and beech clippings and a few sunflowers.
    Such small chippings as well, will compost very quickly indeed. Will take 2cm wood if fed in carefully.
    I am going to build a stand for it so I can chip into a bucket instead of onto the floor, Perhaps this is something forest master could also think about making, and also could Do with a handle for moving around.
    Very pleased overall
    (Also price is plus VAT people)

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  21. Stephen (verified owner)

    Great bit of kit👍

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  22. Ingo S. (verified owner)

    Very fast overnight delivery. Staff helpful. Easy to assemble and starts on first pull. Shreds and mulches very eavenly.

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  23. Simon Peat (verified owner)

    Arrived on time and does the job as stated in the spec. Starts easily and makes short work of smaller branches – I’d say up about 2-3 cm.

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  24. phil (verified owner)

    Assembled without difficulty in less than an hour, however, a video of one being assembled would have been a bonus. Slightly fiddly to fill with oil without spilling some so care needed. Started on 2nd pull, works great. Demolished a large pile of hazel branches with ease but slowed a bit pulling the leaves through. Quite a laborious job dealing with walnut branches as they were too irregular for the infeed and required trimming.
    I stood the machine on a pallet a fed the chips into a garden bag which worked great.

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  25. Dean Jordan (verified owner)

    Had to tweak it to get it to do what I wanted it to do. I suppose it no longer conforms to safety regulations.

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  26. Ian Reeves (verified owner)

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  27. Keith Jackson (verified owner)

    In keeping with other reviews of this product it desperately needs a handle to manoeuvre it. The product is very much handicapped by the e.u. plate and the requirement to keep the outlet to a max of 30mm from the ground. This makes it almost impossible to mulch as it quickly blocks. Like others I found that discarding this requirement changes the product from one that is virtually not fit for purpose to one that is eminently suitable. It could however do with a quick release mechanism on the hopper and the outlet pipe to quickly resolve any blockages that may occur. It starts first or second pull and its small footprint is a boon for storage. Subject to the above I would recommend it.

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  28. Mike J. (verified owner)

    Brilliant bit of kit. It chewed through a mass of branches and leaves in a very short time.

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  29. Stephen M. (verified owner)

    Cracking bit of kit, fast delivery, does exactly what it says on the tin.

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  30. Jesse (verified owner)

    Although the forest master chipper wasn’t the right tool for me or the work I do. I found the customer service great and they were happy to help. I’d used the machine and realised that in the future I will need something larger for the work I want it to do. They arranged for collection and refunded me within a matter of days. considering I had used the machine and I had to pay the postage back. I think the amount I received back was more than fair. Over all a very professional customer service.

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  31. Kevin W. (verified owner)

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  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We have not received it yet, so it is difficult to pass judgement.

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  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    fast delivery, well packed. easy to assemble. Only minor comment I think the output chute is too close to the ground, and clogs easily.

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  34. Andrew

    I have been using the unit for a couple of months now. It has produced a consistent mulch that doesn’t seem much different now than on the first day. Bearing in mind the quantity and mix of adelfus, myoporum, bamboo, olive, almond, pine and general undergrowth that I have fed it, this is pretty impressive! I haven’t even turned or sharpened the blades yet.

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  35. michael rowland (verified owner)

    item needs a handle , easy to assemble

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  36. Andy Bristow (verified owner)

    So far so good. Delivery was amazingly quick. Assembly took no more than one hour with normal household tools.

    The chipper started on the second pull and, on the basis of 10 minutes experience seems to cope with everything I expected it to.

    A few comments intended as helpful feedback:

    In its near vertical setting (as supplied) the clearance between exit chute and the ground is tiny – far too small to let a pile of chippings etc accumulate or get a bag or other receptacle underneath. I will either need to mount the machine on blocks and elevate it somehow, or rotate the chipping mechanism to elevate the exit). In due course I may also even consider shortening the exit chute although acknowledge that would invalidate the warranty and pose a slight safety risk if anyone was foolish enough to reach up into the chute with the machine running.

    I measured out precisely 600ml of engine oil as advised but (on level ground) that seems too much and it simply leaks out of the filler again until level with the lower lip of the filler. Either the engine had some oil in (c100ml) when shipped or the 600ml volume required is incorrect. A funnel with a tube attached is required to fill the oil (which opens almost horizontally and therefore cannot be poured into).

    The EU safety plate in the feed chute makes the chipper almost unusable unless laboriously feeding one stick at a time. Without it (but the rubber guard still in place) it works perfectly.

    The assembly instruction booklet refers to nylock nuts for the engine mounting bolts. These were not provided – instead nuts, washers and spring washers were but their cumulative length of all those washers makes it almost impossible to get the nuts on the bolts until the spring washers are compressed (which is very fiddly). Nylocks (or slightly longer bolts) would be much easier.

    As others have said, a handle to pull the machine around with would be very helpful.

    All in all though, I’m delighted so far.

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  37. Andrew Bristow (verified owner)

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  38. Paul Harrison (verified owner)

    Day one. All working according to plan. So far so good

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  39. Adam

    It’s great on woody stuff, it ploughs through it. However, damp vegetation can block the shute easily. I used it on some pampas grass and it was painfully inadequate. I then used it on some boxed honeysuckle hedging and it worked on the leggy, woody stuff, but blocked on the green leaves. A handle would be good as well.

    For woody stuff it is great, but sadly really let down by blockages even if I place small amounts in at a time.

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  40. KENNETH (verified owner)

    This is a great little machine, ideal for shredding all manner of garden waste. It really chews through anything you put through it – I have found it best to alternate twigs/branches with green stuff to avoid any risk of clogging. It is far superior to anything else in the price range.
    I have found the EU safety directive additions to be a real pain and have removed them to facilitate easier loading of garden waste into the machine and to prevent the outlet chute clogging.
    A word of caution. The instructions for adding oil to the engine are contradictory – it says to add 600 ml of oil with the machine on level ground. This is impossible – I could only get 450 ml into the crankcase before it started to run out of the filler port. I suppose it is possible that there was 150 ml left in the engine from test when manufactured. This has also been noted by others.
    I wish I had bought one years ago.

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  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    No problem assembling and mulching. Waiting for chipper spout availability.

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  42. David Pitt (verified owner)

    You havent delivered it yet

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  43. Robert (verified owner)

    Even better than expected! The mulcher was delivered quickly, easy to assemble (took about 30 minutes), great quality, and has so far digested everything I’ve chucked in it from thicker branches to fresh green cuttings. Highly recommended!

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  44. Kiyoshi (verified owner)

    Brilliant product delivered super quick!

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  45. Martin j banyard (verified owner)

    Excellent piece of kit

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  46. Robert Crotty (verified owner)

    Fast and efficient order and delivery from UK to Portugal. Product fully as described and works perfectly. No issues with customs or importation.

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  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product arrived as planned. Instructions for assembly were clear and parts were easily visible due to blister packaging. Assembling the chipper was straightforward and the first test worked well.

    A point was removed in the review as the boxes arrived with some damage and had been taped back up with tape from the courier. Although nothing was missing there were some chips and scuffing to the parts in the box containing the chipper’s stand, chutes and wheels. Nothing outrageous but also not desirable on a £500+ purchase.

    Overall though the product, at the early stage, seems good.

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  48. Vince Edwards

    Very pleased with this FMDD petrol pull start chipper, very easy to put together and easy to add fuel and oil
    The only problem I experienced was the excit shoot kept blocking up with foliage especially if wet, dry was a little a little better, so what I found was when I modified the the excit shoot by shortening it to the minimum length possible it’s much better and also had to remove the plate inside the feed shoot, but you really need to be very careful and don’t put your hands down the feed shoot or excit shoot, however if the new modified version would have been available I think I would have bought that one because you have the facility of adjusting the excit shoot, but on the whole a good machine,

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  49. Rob (verified owner)

    an excellent thing – self-assembly simple and straightforward, seems to work well but cannot comment on durability as yet….

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  50. Harry Trump (verified owner)

    Delivery a little disjointed with box 2 arriving 24hrs after box 1. Excellent assembly instructions in plain English!! This machine works brilliantly, half a tonne of leafy hedge trimmings and branches shredded without a single blockage unlike competitors machine which blocked every time any twiggy material got into it. Very pleased and highly recommended. A few tweaks to the “CE” safety features can significantly improve performance too.

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  51. Andrew Bayley (verified owner)

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  52. Christopher (verified owner)

    Excellent machine performance after liberating it from the CE Plate

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  53. Mark (verified owner)

    Product not yet arrived so neutral comment left

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  54. Raymond Kirkham

    purchased a graded mulcher,excellent price,as was the delivery,but i found it almost impossible to mulch wet material, it is advertised as being able to mulch wet material,the discharge chute became pretty solidly and that was without the two safety bolts fitted, strange a discharge chute should be constricted at the discharge end.But after a few adjustments,as described by other purchasers i find the machine to be a good purchase.

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  55. Norman S. (verified owner)

    Ordered on Wednesday delivered the next day. Works very well. I would definitely recommend this product. We were very fortunate that forest master had run out of the self assembly models and they shipped a fully assembled model at the same price. Up and running straight away. Geat service. Thank you.

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  56. Chris R. (verified owner)

    Awesome machine. Ate through everything I gave it this afternoon and reduced 2 full bags of garden waste down to a quarter of a bag. This is really going to help speed up composting.

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  57. Karl R. (verified owner)

    I chose to assemble it myself. The boxes were damaged when they arrived by DPD but nothing appeared to be missing. Assembly was easy and it started on the second pull. After using it for a solid day i have to come to the following conclusions; It needs a handle to help wheel it about. Once out of warranty i’ll fit this, along with a foot switch emergency stop mounted on the frame. It is quite low so i had it strapped to a pallet to help my back. The shredder only likes freshly cut greenery, my garden is covered in wood / bark chip, one or two bits got into the shredder and burred the blades in places which i had to remove and dress. But over all it does exactly what i bought it for (hedging) and works better than any other shredder i have had.

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  58. Rob (verified owner)

    (0) (0)
  59. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Pull starter cord didn’t work on arrival but following quick phone call replacement part was dispatched same day, excellent service

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  60. Ashley S. (verified owner)

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  61. Laurent ALBUGUES (verified owner)

    We have purchased it from France straight to Forest Master (Amazon requested nearly 300€ more for shipping). It has been shipped very fast (been surprised it was already there). Maybe a comment about the box that is just sufficient to protect it but nothing damaged except a small plastics mouthpiece. It started perfectly Until now we are fully satisfied! Thank you.

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  62. Andy F (verified owner)

    Have only assembled this piece of kit so far, but very impressed. The feed and discharge chutes on the new model now rotate through 40 degrees so that the clogging of the discharge chute should be much reduced – the cuttings have a free passage out of the machine. The instruction manual is perfectly clear on the assembly procedure.

    It is very well engineered; no cheap bits of plastic, it’s all powder coated (I assume) sheet steel and tubing, with very sturdy plastic wheels.

    Very easy to assemble but it’s no lightweight. The engine appears to be of Canadian manufacture and similarly well engineered.

    This replaces a 1 yo Bosch shredder which did a very good job but became electrically unreliable and was just not readily repairable at sensible cost – so I was prepared to pay significantly more for an uncomplicated and robust bit of British engineering.

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  63. Victoria (verified owner)

    Works great, although the bare wires make me nervous at the back as this is where you stand to feed the branches in and am worried in case they get caught or a branch is accidentally dropped and pulls them out etc

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  64. Robert P. (verified owner)

    Great service, great machine. Delivery was very prompt and assembly of the mulcher was quite straight forward, once assembled with oil and petrol added the mulcher started second pull. I then used it to shred a large quantity of apple prunings which it handled extremely well turning a large pile of twigs and small branches into a wheel barrow full of small chippings. Just one thing to note it does not like anything much thicker than an inch, bigger than this and it just jams up and stops. As I purchased this as a garden mulcher for hedge and shrub clippings this is not a problem for me.

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  65. Roger Jarvis (verified owner)

    Chipper using dry branches is fine. Mulching not so much. Doesn’t cope well unless the items being shredded or mulched are damp or wet, I have to clear out the hopper and shute regularly if trying to mulch smaller materials.
    The top hopper needs to be removed frequently as stated and the bolt fitting is a faff as you have to keep undoing and doing up to remove the hopper for Jams etc.. The bolt, hole, and nut do not line up easily and it takes sometime to remove and replace each time you need to clean out the hopper. So good for 2″ branches.

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  66. Roger Newton (verified owner)

    Brilliant service, fast delivery, great communication and above all a great product.

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  67. Geoff Smith (verified owner)

    Does what it says.
    Tough bit of kit – much better than an electric shredder

    (0) (0)
  68. Alan Clayton (verified owner)

    (0) (0)
  69. Ben M. (verified owner)

    Fantastic bit of kit, already put to good use 👍

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  70. Tony Taylor (verified owner)

    I have had the machine for about 6 weeks and it has worked very well. It shreds tree branches and green vegetation nicely.
    The kit seems very robust.
    I have 2 minor quibbles. It is difficult to manoeuvre. OK in a yard with a flat surface but tricky out and about in a garden or field where the surface is uneven. It works well with trees that grow nice straight branches but can be a bit of a fight feeding stuff like hawthorn through it.
    All in all quite pleased with its performance so far.

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  71. Stephen Rossiter (verified owner)

    To be honest I have not used the FM6DD-MUL as yet, but disappointment and frustration revolves around your courier service provided dpd. You promote next day delivery, I received my order over four days. Day one the the visor and ear defenders and the mulcher accessory kit. Day 2 the engine, day three the frame and wheels, and then after contacting you to explaining that you had not sent the oil, day 5 I received the oil. I have since put the mulcher together, which was relatively straight forward. There were no instructions of the safety visor and ear defenders and I don’t appear to have any instructions of the mulcher accessory kit. I am hopeful, that when I finally get to use the machine it works as per other reviews.

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  72. Sally (verified owner)

    Really pleased with this little shredder for the price. It’s absolutely true that you can shred branches up to 2″ in diameter. It’s also true that it can cope with softer material, but the only problem here is that the soft material is not rigid enough for you to feed it through; it will just build up at the entrance to the shredding mechanism. So get yourself a bit of timber the right size to just gently push the material into the cutters and do this gradually. If it’s softer it will also be wetter, so might stick in the exit chute, but can be dislodged with a bit of a thump on the side of the chute. As others say, don’t bother installing the EU regulation restrictor thingame, but do install the flap otherwise you’ll be showered in high velocity chippings! Finally, users say that the exit chute is too close the the ground and, yes, it is. I have successfully remedied this by placing a brick or pavour beneath each wheel and the support at the front. Now, three inches off the ground, I just kick to one side the material that has been shredded. On a tarp (which I always use to speed up the clear up) this material slides out of the way of the chute really easily. Love it!

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  73. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Fairly easy to assemble. First experience of using it pretty good but the ‘self feeding’ function oversold. You really still need to push/guide materials into the mulcher. Also, feeding of smaller garden rubbish not practical without removing the safety plate in the hopper. Overall much better than my old Bosch electric chipper though which is what I needed!

    (0) (0)
  74. Adam G. (verified owner)

    Used it to chip a huge privet hedge that we are taking out and it did it with ease. Will also use it on the allotment to mulch. Great piece of kit and nice and compact too

    (0) (0)
  75. John Young (verified owner)

    Haven’t tested this yet, hence the mid rating, once I’ve got this up and running I’ll let you know.