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What is a Kinetic Log Splitter and why do you need one?

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As you’re probably well aware, here at Forest Master we’re passionate about log splitters. Likewise, we equally obsess over delivering the best service for our customers. Why does this matter? Because you know anything from Forest Master is cutting edge, market-leading, and built to last – with service to match. So, meet our new kinetic log splitter. Head over to this link if you want to see our range of available Forest Master Log Splitters.

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What is a Kinetic Log splitter?

Your first question is what makes a log splitter kinetic? I wondered this too. Well, it first removes all the hydraulics which in itself alleviates problems – I’ll come back to this. Instead, it uses kinetic energy via a flywheel system that stores energy as it spins. Then, you engage the lever which then transfers the energy to split the log. (here’s a handy wiki page to explain more)

Speed-wise, our kinetic log splitter is unmatched. Their cycle time is usually around 3 seconds – quick right! Typical hydraulic fluid cycle times are 15-30 seconds, imagine how much more wood you can get through. Moreover, the splitting wedge returns to the starting position automatically.

As mentioned earlier, the kinetic log splitter cuts out the hydraulic fluid, and as such removes the wiring. So, as you can imagine, this dramatically reduces the need for maintenance. Likewise, there’s no fluid, so there are fewer opportunities for leaks. The only area that would require maintenance is a typical petrol engine.

Reliable, cheaper to run but incredibly quick – you need a kinetic log splitter. Why? Well, despite this you don’t lose any performance. In fact, because of the “burst of power” system – there are few logs it can’t split. It makes light work of soft, hard, and knotted wood.

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What types of machines are available?

These machines are ideal for both domestic and commercial use, big or small jobs! It’ll do them all. With 5 tons of splitting power and a capacity of up to 520mm (length) & 400mm (width). Our electric kinetic log splitter utilizes the last technology to produce a Fastfire 3 second cycle time.

Featuring a whopping 2200w electric motor and a convenient automatic belt tension system, split wood as fast as you can load it. No more avoiding your huge log pile, this beauty will cut through it in seconds.

Prefer your machine to have a bit more bite? We’ve got you covered, our petrol engines offer a vast array of machines to match your individual needs. They begin on our entry-level 129 cc petrol engine and advance through to our Honda-approved Honda petrol engines on our best kinetic log splitter. Better yet, with a Honda engine, you can get it serviced at any Honda-approved outlet & offer ultimate flexibility and power!

Moreover, they have both 6 Ton & 8 Ton models available catering to any of your individual needs. How is this achieved? It’s the size of the flywheel, the bigger the flywheel, the bigger the ton.

fast fire kinetic log splitter, electric log splitter

Our splitters feature trolleys with rear and front lockable caster wheels. More your splitter with ease, no more back-breaking wood chopping or tedious lifting. Better yet, the stand is adjustable, so you can raise and lower it as you so wish. Moreover, our safety cage comes as standard, it keeps both you and your splitter safe.

Kinetic vs Hydraulic Log Splitter

Typically, the argument of which type of log splitter to choose will largely vary from person to person, depending on their needs and requirements. It’s not so much of a question of which is better.

What kind of wood are you going to be splitting?

This is the main question in the argument. If you’re splitting softer or greener woods then I would recommend opting for a hydraulic log splitter. This is because a kinetic log splitter will require more than one cycle with greenwood, a hydraulic log splitter in this instance will slowly split the wood apart through the middle. If you’re splitting hardened or seasoned wood then a kinetic log splitter is probably for you.

A kinetic log splitter operates with utilises inertia and raw power & speed to split logs. This is more similar to an axe splitting wood. If you wish to use a hydraulic splitter to use on your seasoned wood, then you will require a larger ton model such as a 7 ton or 8-ton electric log splitter. This brings us on to the next point, cost.

Cost of kinetic vs hydraulic

While Kinetic log splitters are more expensive in general, we go back to the age-old saying of ‘time is money’. While a standard hydraulic log splitter will take around 12 seconds travel time, a forest master fast fire kinetic splitter will take just 3 seconds. If you’re looking to split for commercial business purposes, then a kinetic log splitter will definitely save you time and money in the long run. Additionally, if you’re splitting harder woods and need to upgrade to a higher tonnage model of a hydraulic splitter, then this will start to cost around the same price.

Anything else I should know about kinetic log splitters?

With a cycle time of 3 seconds, mass tons of power and a 2200w engine – our kinetic log splitter is market-leading. Better yet, with a full warranty, lifetime technical support, and world-renowned service, there’s no reason not to shop with Forest Master!

Before you go, make sure you check out the Fast Fire Kinetic Log Splitter in action below.

Rapid Fire Electric Kinetic Log Splitter - Fast Fire 6 Ton Splitting

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