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Wood Chipper Shredder Burn Guide: What smells best?

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Last Updated on May 28, 2021 by Forest Master

When it comes to firewood, here at Forest Master we get a lot of questions. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of different options. There’s a multitude of smells, fragrances and flavours to choose from as such, your choice is as individual as you. Likewise, the perfect flame can ignite the perfect party. Whether that be a bbq, a campfire or a big ol’ cookout. Matching the perfect scent with the perfect mood will result in the perfect ambience. So, in the wood chipper shredder burn guide, we’ll show you what log burns best! See our wood chipper shredders here.

There are a few different scents to include in our wood chipper shredder burn guide, these are:

  • Classic “smokey” smell – these are your classic wood fire scents
  • Sweet “fruity” smell – they are the most aromatic & produce a pleasant smell
  • Rich “nutty” smell – they are hardwoods and usually have deep earthy aromas
  • Crisp “fresh” smell – typically associated with air fresheners
wood chipper shredder, smells, wood burning, guide, oak, mesquite, alder

If you’re after a classic smell, our wood chipper shredder guide’s got you covered. Chances are you’re looking at having a good old bonfire or campfire. Picture the scene, a hot drink, fireworks surrounded by your friends – perfect, right? So to elicit these smells, you need to burn the following woods: Hickory, Oak, Mesquite & Alder.

  • Hickory – iconic ‘smokey’ smell, instantly recognisable campfire smell. It has a high heat output.
  • Oak – commonly used on campfires, smoking meat and burning materials. Again, high heat output
  • Mesquite – a unique, recognizable scent. Sometimes described as “tangy” perfect for BBQs
  • Alder – produces a similar to, but lighter/sweeter than smell to oak, but burns quite quickly.
forest master, sweet, fruity, wood burning, fire, campfire

Alternatively, you may be after more of a sweet, fruity experience. Well, our wood chipper shredder guide’s got just the thing. These trees are often fruit trees, chances are you’ll of sampled it before. Comparatively, if there’s a fruit tree we don’t mention – chances are it will be equally as aromatic. Our suggestions are Apple, Cherry & Pear.

  • Apple – everyone’s had applewood smoked cheese or bacon, it’s a firm favourite and a solid choice
  • Cherry – likewise, cherry firewood is famously known for its distinctively delightful smell
  • Pear – mild, sweet and light, three words to describe this beautiful fragrant wood

Furthermore, if you’re after more of a “rich nutty” smell (and who doesn’t love a rich nut) – our wood chipper shredder guides got you covered. These wood are more dense and usually evoke a deep “earthy” aroma.

  • Walnut – it produces a pleasant scent, an excellent heat output and is prized among woodworkers
  • Pecan – likewise, pecan is a type of hickory tree and has a unique aroma
nutty smell, crisp smell, fire, firewood, forestmaster, northern lights, burn, burning

Now, we move onto the classic scents that you would’ve expected from our wood chipper shredder guide. In fact, who hasn’t had a pine car air freshener? These aromas are strong, pleasant, and you guessed it – fresh.

  • Cedar – Cedar is the ultimate campfire smoke, light, rich and sweet – what’s not to love
  • Pine – widely acknowledged as the most common fragrance, pine is an excellent choice to burn

Moreover, these are the honourable mentioned that we couldn’t miss out from our wood chipper shredder guide:

  • Ash: solid, reliable and steady – burns best when seasoned
  • Birch: smells great, produces good heat but burns quickly
  • Blackthorn: burns well without emitting loads of smoke
  • Hawthorn: burns slowly and hot for all your wintery fires
  • Maple: found in different regions of the nation
  • Sycamore: rewarded with a good flame and moderate heat if seasoned well
  • Yew: slow-burning and omits plenty of heat – yew can’t go wrong (see what I did there)
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