Wood Chippers, Garden Shredders and Mulchers

Looking to invest in a wood chipper, garden shredder or mulcher? Well, you’re in the right place. Below is a selection of our award-winning, market-leading innovative machines.

Proving that bigger isn’t always better, our petrol and electric wood chippers, garden shredders & mulchers are perfect for everyday use. Moreover, designed with you in mind, they’re easy to store and pick up and go. Furthermore, this wood chipper can handle branches up to 2 inches thick, with reversible steel blades and a direct drive system. Our chippers, shredders and mulchers are built to last.

Our FM6DD wood chippers blow the competition out of the water. Why? It has a powerful 4-stroke LCT Maxx petrol engine capable of an unbelievable 3600rpm. Better yet – our chipper only weighs 38 kg! Precise, powerful and perfectly formed – this beast packs a punch. No other chipper, garden shredder or mulcher does the same!

Prefer an electric model? We’ve got your back. Our FM4DDE wood chipper is nearly identical other than an electric motor for an even easier experience. Just plugin and go with this compact beauty. Moreover, no other wood chipper, garden shredder or mulcher on the market offer such precision and power in such a portable compact size.

Moreover, stuck between getting a wood chipper, garden shredder or mulcher? Well, worry no more because new to 2021 our FM6DD-MUL offers the best of both. Yes, you really can have it all.

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Need to chip/shred/mulch plants, cardboard, paper and garden waste? Take a look at our brand new, first of its kind, garden mulcher. Available as both electric-powered and petrol-powered editions.

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They cover everything from selecting your first wood chipper to how to properly maintain your wood chipper after it has arrived.

Head over to our videos page to view all of our chipping demonstrations with our various garden shredders and chippers.