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Compact 4HP Electric Garden Shredder Mulcher FM4DDE-MUL
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Compact 4HP Electric Garden Shredder Mulcher FM4DDE-MUL

From £408.25

  • Mulches any and all Green Waste
  • Wood Chipper, Garden Shredder and Mulcher 3-in-1
  • Shred Paper and Cardboard for your compost pile
  • Ideal for creating leaf mould (mulch)
  • Perfectly Balanced Lightweight and Maneuverable Design
  • Patent Pending (GB2100107.8) / International (PCT/IB2021/054494)
(15 customer reviews)
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EU Version
No spare blades
x1 Forged Steel Blades + Removal Tool
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Electric Shredder Mulcher for Plants, Cardboard, Paper and Garden Waste (FM4DDE-MUL)

Mulching and composting just got a whole lot easier and more effective with the release of our brand new patent-pending ( GB2100107.8) 4HP Electric Shredder Mulcher.

Compact, Lightweight, Powerful and Robust are the best words to describe our brand new and innovative machine. The first of its kind, the electric shredder mulcher is capable of intaking any waste you can throw at it and processing it into precious mulch, crucial in creating effective black gold (compost) for your garden. Paper, cardboard, plants, leaves or any other garden waste can be fed into the machine and the garden mulcher will provide you with invaluable material for your compost bin in an instant. It doesn’t matter whether they’re bone dry or soaking wet from a long night in the rain, our mulcher has been stress tested with anything you can think of and it’s yet to meet garden waste it can’t handle.

What gave us the inspiration for the machine? For years we have received customer enquiries asking if we had a suitable machine for such tasks as well known competitor brands have tried and failed at this attempt, often falling at the first hurdle of being able to process wet green waste such as grass and ivy. Our machine is a tried and tested one-stop shop for all your mulching needs.

Not sure if you require a garden mulcher or a wood chipper? This is a question of the past as the FM4DDE-MUL is perfectly capable of also chipping wood into wood chips that are 10mm and below. If you’re mulching material that is particularly wet or likes to stick to the chute, the machine is designed in such a way that you can simply hose down the chutes to clear out any excess material.

How is the FM4DDE-MUL electric Garden Shredder, Mulcher and Chipper better over competitors? Well, our machine is designed and produced using a steel design. You’ll find that majority of garden shredders available on the market feature a plastic design. Why is steel better over plastic in this instance? The steel design is what allows our machine to be robust and powerful. Plastic designs can damage easily and cause issues down the road. Buy a machine – buy it once, is our motto. 95% of our machine is recyclable metals.

Prefer a petrol engine? not a problem! We also have a full range of petrol mulchers on their way – ranging from 6HP right the way up to a massive 18HP.

Want to learn how to put this machine to best use? Check out our gardening category within our blog and find out everything you need to know about creating compost. We cover every topic from mulching to creating your first compost pile, preparing your garden for the winter, creating leaf mould from scratch and finding the perfect mixture of household waste for your compost. We provide all the information you could ever need, and if that isn’t enough, we’re just a message away to help you understand anything you may need.

Internationally Protected (PCT/IB2021/054494)

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Weight 35 kg

UK Version, EU Version

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boxed, pre-assembled

Spare Replacement Blades?

No spare blades, x1 Forged Steel Blades + Removal Tool


Mulching Laurel, Vegetables and Wood with FM6DD-MUL 3-in-1

15 reviews for Compact 4HP Electric Garden Shredder Mulcher FM4DDE-MUL

  1. KENNETH A. (verified owner)

    Build at outlet needs watching, unclogging not too hard.

  2. Beverley M. (verified owner)

    The service is excellent and the questions I had for the technical staff were answered in English I could understand (not having a degree in engineering). The mulcher works really well, some difficulty with wet greenery but easily solved when I add sticks and small branches to it. I do find it heavy, probably because I am in my 70s. All in all I recommend this machine to all gardeners with the never ending problem of disposing of garden waste without having to waste it. It makes superb mulch.

  3. Crawford (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble and use

  4. alan earle (verified owner)

    Sorry not a shining review, even with the outlet set a little towards the horizontal position it tends to block very quickly and you have to keep moving the machine around to keep clearing it, further-more the outlet is so low you cannot get anything other than put a sheet on the ground to collect the mulch. One other point is the restriction to a ten metre cable length, living on a large plot which was the idea behind the purchase of this machine, with such a short lead it means fetching all the cuttings to the machine rather than take the machine to the cuttings, not an ideal situation, so have had to purchase an industrial extension lead with according to the Pat test a drop of only seven volts over a twenty-five metre run at 2900 watts. It remains to be seen if this will ease the problem, or I may still request a price for a petrol engine! Other than all the afore-mentioned the actual machine seems a good solid build.

  5. Herve jean M. (verified owner)

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Patrick K. (verified owner)

    Poor design for assembly and maintenance – adjusting the feed/discharge angle is impossible as one of the nuts is so tight up against the motor housing that loosening the 3 nuts does not work. Moreover, trying to move the shute angle has resulted in the discharge shute coming out from under its bolt – which cannot be remedied without removing one of the wheels – a real chore. So, I have not been able to use the device at all so far. P Kimball-Smith CEng

  8. Esther G. (verified owner)

    Nice & robust. Doesn’t solve all my problems as doesn’t cope with say stringy creepers but good with firm stuff – long thin plants/ branches & suspect will be a lot better than my previous Bosch chipper for the hedge & so I’m glad that I bought it. I’ve been using it on a plastic tarpaulin & moving it about. I’m not sure I’ll need the chipper discharge attachment. Possibly would be needed if doing a lot a lot of chipping & to save moving it about? The mulcher discharge chute gets blocked easily with moister matter so have to switch it off to clear it frequently, with my own stick with a hook on. Would be good if this had been supplied with the device. Possibly a wider or shorter discharge chute like my Bosch ? I now realise why the chute is at this angle – to facilitate gravity. The EU reg screws at the bottom of the chute get in the way of the chippings coming out, so I will remove those. Can’t see how they improve safety, other than if anyone was determined enough to stick a very long arm up. The manual needs a re- write as I’d have put it together a lot quicker if I hadn’t had to keep re-reading & trying to work out what applied to my product & the petrol version & trying to identify what was what on diagram. You need decent spanners/socket set to put together, but it was doable even for an unmechanical female. The motor is pretty heavy to lift. I was flummoxed at the 1 st instruction. It says 2 x 16 mm washers for the wheels. There were 4 x 18 mm internal diameter washers in the pack – didn’t know if it meant those. I just hoped it did as I wouldn’t have been able to remove them again easily. They weren’t mentioned anywhere else so used x 2 & left with 2. The pics would also be better as photos or a “ how to assemble video.” I was also left with 2 x part 55 serrated washers. What are those for? Not mentioned anywhere & neither parts 49 = now where on the exploded diagram/ parts list. Others have mentioned moverability. I don’t have a problem as there is a curved rim at the top of the feed hopper to wheel it about & the electric version is fairly manoeuvrable . I’m 5 ft 1 so perhaps taller people have had to bend.

  9. Forest Master (store manager)

    When the machine returned to us and was examined by our engineer department, the only issue found was a blown fuse and the mulcher had very clearly seen use. While we understand the frustration, our equipment is not for rent and the machine can no longer be sold as a new product. Money was deducted from the refund in accordance with the amount of use the machine had sustained.

  10. paul h. (verified owner)

    Best thing I’ve bought in a long time.

  11. ELIZABETH Lawes (verified owner)

    We have not tried it yet as it only arrived a couple of days ago, but my husband has wanted one of these for years and it looks strong and robust

  12. Alexander Ross (verified owner)

    Good robust machine works well. Delivered quickly. Happy with purchase.

  13. David H. (verified owner)

    The chipper/mulcher was ordered as self build, it arrived in 2 boxes 1 reasonable weight the other extremely heavy so if you’re not up to it I would suggest getting the pre constructed version.
    Construction was relatively straightforward, started using it right away and was very pleased with the way it handled everything up to 30/35mm. Anything too bushy has to be cut back to avoid blockage which is easily cleared.
    Overall this machine is all motor with no frills, 10 out of 10.

  14. matt (verified owner)

    the mulcher looks great although I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. it arrived a bit damaged – the nut (57) that fixes on the hopper was bent but I found a replacement, and the flange tat the chute locates onto was bent out of shape. the mulcher obviously had quite a serious knock while in transit – looks like it was dropped. It seems to run ok – I think the bearings are fine on the engine and mulching unit.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

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Q & A

I have lots of ivy to get ride of green stems and leaves. I want to make use of the green collection bin and not have to hire a skip each season. Would this be able to cope with lots of ivy? James asked on May 29, 2022
Yes, this would be able to deal with Ivy but this would have to be fed through gradually rather than all at once in bundles. You can also spray water down into the chute using a hose pipe when feeding in the material to ease the processing of this material. Forest Master answered on June 6, 2022 store managerstore manager
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what thickness of branch will it chip? Malachy McCool asked on January 28, 2022
It will chip branches up to 50mm (2 inches) in diameter. Forest Master answered on January 31, 2022 store managerstore manager
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Hello, please can you advise whether it is possible to sharpen the blades? What is the reason that you offer spare blades with this machine? Temi Gocheva asked on September 10, 2021
The blades sold as standard in the chipper are reversible, so once one side blunts you can simply flip them over. You can also remove the blades and resharpen them using an oil stone. The replacement blades you can purchase with the chipper are forged (hardened) steel. These blades last much longer before they dull and need to be resharpened. forest answered on September 10, 2021 store managerstore manager
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