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Lifting Equipment: Must-have tools for DIY & Woodworking

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Last Updated on August 19, 2020 by Forest Master

You probably don’t need me to tell you that heavy lifting can have serious long term effects on your body, when not performed right. We have picked out specialist equipment which drastically reduces the safety risks of heavy lifting and have also picked out tools which will provide a quick and easy solution to DIY / Woodworking lifting issues, completely erasing any inconvenience.

Back injuries are incredibly common among people who handle heavy loads on a regular basis. Attempting to lift heavy loads without the correct equipment quickly results in sprains, tears and often worse.

This article on the NHS website covers the leading cause of back injuries at work, lifting and handling heavy objects. It also covers an exhaustive list of all the methods you need to adopt in order to avoid serious risk when lifting. Don’t take the risk and invest in your own safety.

Our unique lifting equipment is designed to minimise / completely remove risk from heavy lifting as well as making the entire process quicker and simpler.

Our first recommended tool is the Zero Hand Truck Series. There are several products within the Zero Hand Truck line, the most popular being the Zero Pro Hand Truck.

The Zero Pro Hand Truck is a heavy-duty sack truck with a massive weight capacity of 300 KG and is designed for constant daily use within warehouses, factories and delivery trucks etc.

The hand truck features a patented (PCT/GB2018/050925) Zero Pivot System which reduces the weight of the load to near zero, letting gravity do all the work whilst you sense no weight of the load.

Zero hand truck, lifting package, easy lift, lifting tool

Another unique game-changing product within the Zero Hand Truck catalogue is the Zero Gas Cylinder Hand Truck, which is a heavy-duty hand truck designed for daily use transporting and delivering large and heavy cylinders. It was originally designed for large BOC and CALOR gas cylinders, but it works a treat for transporting logs up to a weight capacity of 150KG.

The Gas Cylinder hand truck sports a heavy-duty rugged design made from thick 32mm steel and features large wheels which enable the user to easily lift and place items at a range of heights. The hand truck also features the patented pivot system for lifting heavy items with no strain or stress.

zero hand truck, gas cylinder hand truck, heavy duty sack truck, lifting tool

Need to lift entire logs? Then this next tool is the perfect product for you. The FMLL is a 2 in 1 log lifter and log saw horse which enables the safe and easy chainsawing of large wood logs.

log saw horse, log lifter, lifting tool, heavy duty

The FMLL is a heavy-duty tool which utilises the power of two log lifting units in one. When using traditional log jacks, only one end of the log is raised off the ground at one time, which means you are required to keep repositioning the log jack in order to chainsaw all the necessary cuts.

The unique log lifter design provides an incredibly simple solution to lifting heavy logs, it features an ergonomically designed curved pivot section which eases the log up from the ground when lifting. Traditional logs jacks typically use a square foot which requires you to use all your strength at once in order to lift the log.

heavy duty log saw horse, 2 in 1 log lifter, heavy duty lifting tools

We also have a single log lifter available of convenient storage or transport. The FMLJ is a strong and easy to use log lifter for the safe chainsawing of logs.

Timber Jack, Log Lifter, Cant Hook

The log lifter timber jack is a simple and easy way to lift and roll log and trunks off the ground, allowing them to be cut with a chainsaw without the danger of the blade hitting the ground.

Lifting the log with this tool is as easy as holding the handle vertical, then simply pushing the base against the log and lifting the hook over. You can then roll the lifter back until the handle rests on the ground. It’s capable of easily lifting logs up to 500mm in diameter.

Our final product in this list of lifting equipment is our three-in-one Tree Pusher, Log Lifter & Stump Remover FM3-LP. It’s an absolutely essential tool for every tree surgeon.

The primary purpose of the FM3-LP is to be used as a tree pusher. It enables you to easily avoid hitting trees or other obstructions by easily guiding falling trees when felling. The tool is also perfect as a heavy duty log lifter. You simply impale the point of the lifter into the log and then raise it from the ground.

s l1600 2

Our innovative multi-tool FM3-LP also features a custom-cast iron base which ensures that the core of the tool is strong, as well as preventing any sinking or movement when in operation. So there’s no risk of the tool slipping and causing any accidents.

Explore our full category of unique and specialised lifting tool equipment including lifting saw horses and hand trucks by clicking here.

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