Zero Hand Truck – Zero Gas Cylinder Hand Truck – ZGCHT

Zero Hand Truck – Zero Gas Cylinder Hand Truck – ZGCHT


  • Patented pivot system that redistributes weight
  • Roller bearings
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Carries loads of up to 150kg
  • Puncture proof wheels

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Zero Hand Truck – Gas Cylinder Hand Truck
The Zero Gas Cylinder Truck is a heavy-duty hand truck designed for constant daily use transporting and delivering gas cylinders. This truck is ideal for frequently transporting large and heavy cylinders as the patented pivot system works to greatly reduce the strain on the user, significantly decreasing the risk of injury. Large wheels enable the user to lift and place cylinders at a range of heights, for example from the floor to a pallet or welding unit. All these features work together to make the strain from lifting and transporting heavy goods as little as possible, protecting you from injury.

Key Points

  • Patented pivot system that reduces the weight of the load to near zero by transferring the weight over the axle before you do any lifting
  • Massive weight capacity of 150kg*
  • Fits all larger BOC and CALOR gas cylinders
  • Large wheels that enable the user to lift and place items at a range of heights
  • Heavy-duty rugged design made from thick 32mm steel
  • Roller bearings (superior to ball bearings):
    • Moving heavy loads is much easier with roller bearings in oppose to traditional ball bearings. This is because the weight is spread over a much larger area, reducing the overall stress on the bearing.
  • Puncture-proof polyether tyres:
    • The Tyres are made from a Polyether composite that doesn’t mark under contact or require inflation and therefore cannot be punctured. The tyres are made from the same material as skateboard wheels and have a higher deformation resistance than standard PU or rubber tyres. This means travel under heavyweight is much easier.
  • Solid One-Piece Wheels:
    • Solid plastic wheels outperform bolted alloy wheels that come lose after constant use.
  • Item Weight: 12kg*
  • Dimensions:
    • Length (mm): 1190*
    • Width (mm): 530*
    • Height (mm): 450*
  • Shipping Dimensions:
    • Length (mm): 820*
    • Width (mm): 490*
    • Height (mm): 450*
  • Colour: Gold Zinc

*Please note these values are approximate and may vary slightly.

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Weight 12 kg


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