Zero Pro Hand Truck, Heavy Duty Industrial Sack Trolley, ZPHT
Zero Pro Hand Truck – ZPHT
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Zero Pro Hand Truck – ZPHT

£129.96 £59.95

  • Patented Zero Pivot System removes the effort from transporting goods
  • Stair Glider technology allows the user to traverse stairs with ease
  • Roller bearings
  • Puncture-proof tyres
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Zero Pro Hand Truck – Heavy Duty Industrial Sack Trolley
*Zero Pro Hand Trucks are currently being sold at a reduced price due to the slight possibility of damaged paintwork/scratches.

The Zero Pro Hand Truck is a heavy duty sack truck with a weight capacity of 300kg designed for constant daily use in warehouses, factories, delivery trucks etc. This truck is ideal for frequently transporting large and heavy goods as the patented pivot system, patent number PCT/GB2018/050925, works to greatly reduce the strain on the user, significantly decreasing the risk of injury. The frame is made from thick 32mm steel and heavy duty components so you can be sure that it doesn’t stop working until you do. The tyres are made from a polyether compound which means they are airless, puncture proof, non-marking and have a higher resistance to deformation under weight than that of rubber and PU wheels. The wheels have full length roller bearings instead of ball bearings so the weight can be spread over a larger area, combined with the spring loaded axle, which helps absorb shocks from rough terrain and stair climbing, makes travel smoother and easier for the user. All these features work together to make the strain from lifting and transporting heavy goods as little as possible, protecting you from injury.

  • Patented Zero Pivot System:
    • The Zero Pivot System reduces the weight of the load to near zero, letting gravity do the work whilst you sense no load weight.
  • Stair Gliders:
    • The added stair gliders on the back of the truck (that sit lower than standard hand trucks) allow you to ascend and descend stairs with ease.
  • Roller bearings (superior to ball bearings):
    • Moving heavy loads is much easier with roller bearings in oppose to traditional ball bearings. This is because the weight is spread over a much larger area, reducing the overall stress on the bearing.
  • Puncture proof polyether tyres:
    • The Tyres are made from a Polyether composite that doesn’t mark under contact or require inflation and therefore cannot be punctured. The tyres are made from the same material as skateboard wheels and have a higher deformation resistance than standard PU or rubber tyres. This means travel under heavy weight is much easier.
  • Solid One Piece Wheels:
    • Solid plastic wheels outperform bolted alloy wheels that come lose after constant use.

For more information see Zero Hand Trucks website

  • Roller Bearings
  • Superior Polyether Tyres
  • Stair Gliders
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 300kg*
  • Item Weight: 10kg*
  • Item Dimensions: 1300 x 410 x 540 (mm)*
  • Shipping Dimensions: 1300 x 410 x 280 (mm)*
  • Colour: Orange

*All dimensions and weight are approximate

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Weight 10 kg