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Tree Pusher, Log Lifter & Stump Remover FM3-LP
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Tree Pusher, Log Lifter & Stump Remover FM3-LP

£139.99 £89.90

  • Three in one tool (tree pusher, log lifter and stump remover)
  • Easily avoid hitting trees or other obstructions
  • Ideal for lifting heavy logs off the ground
  • Specialised custom-cast iron base
  • Must-have tool for every Tree Surgeon

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Forest Master Log Lifter, Tree Pusher and Stump Remover (FM3-LP)

The primary purpose of the FM3-LP is to be used as a tree pusher. The tree pusher is designed to be a 2-way lifting and pushing tool. 

Easily avoid hitting trees or other obstructions by utilising the FM3-LP‘s features to simply guide falling trees when felling. Start by cutting a small notch in the trunk, away from the direction of fall and insert the pusher. It’s the must-have tool for every Tree Surgeon!

We still recommend having felling wedges handy. 

It’important that the core of the pusher remains strong, so we implemented a specialised custom-cast iron base which is uniquely designed to be used at an angle with locating peg holes. This also prevents sinking or movement when in operation

The FM3-LP is also ideal for lifting heavy logs off the ground to enable them to be cut with a chainsaw. You simply impale the point of the lifter into the log then raise it from the ground and lower it onto a smaller log. The ability to lift the log off the ground allows you to attach a chain or sling around the wood. It also provides the possibility of cutting the log into more manageable sizes. 

This must-have tool allows you to lift the log and roll the tree, meaning the chainsaw is never at risk of hitting the ground and you’re able to safely and efficiently cut the wood into the correct lengths.

European registered design. The product comes with additional tree pusher accessory to slot and push trees in a direction with remarkable ease and efficiency.

If you have any enquiries make sure to check out our FAQ page. You can also contact us by emailing us at if you have any questions which aren’t answered on our FAQ page.

  • Height: 1460mm*
  • Length of Pusher Extension: 1 metre / 39 inches*
  • Max length with Extension: 1.8 metres/6 ft*
  • Max Load: 3 ton*
  • Weight: 13kg*

* All dimensions, weight, pressure and force are approximate

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Weight 13 kg