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Your chipper shredder guide – what can you put through?

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Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Forest Master

When it comes to feeding your plant pals what they need, there are a few things you should and shouldn’t pop through your chipper shredder. (check out ours here) Why? Well, I asked the same question. But, much in the same way as humans need food and water your plants need nitrogen and carbon. Moreover, they’ve also got their favourite food sources and materials to avoid. In this guide, I’ll run you through all you need to know to get the most from your plants. However, in the first instance, we would always recommend getting your soil ph tested for the most accurate understanding.

What this article covers:

Nitrogen Rich Materials (Green)

You should always put through your chipper shredder nitrogen-rich materials. Why? Well, nitrogen is crucial and is widely considered the most important element for plant growth. Furthermore, it is an important part of any soil as it gives the plant energy to grow, flower and/or produce vegetables.

Furthermore, nitrogen is part of the chlorophyll molecule (a magnesium-based atom surrounded by nitrogen). This in turn enables the vibrant green colour you see as the seedlings sprout. Moreover, ever wondered why your plant was yellowing – a lack of nitrogen.

Moreover, it’s so important to put nitrogen-rich materials through your chipper shredder, because the soil usually lacks them. Why? Well, the plants use large amounts of nitrogen for their growth and survival. Thus, it goes sparse and is spread thinly. There is not always enough nitrogen in the plants to ensure healthy growth, which is why it is important to base your mulch around it.

Need inspiration for nitrogen-rich materials to put through your chipper shredder? Here’s a list:

  • Fruit & Veg Peelings
  • Plant Cuttings
  • Teabags (shocking right!)
  • Grass clippings

Carbon Rich Materials (Brown)

To understand why you should put carbon-rich fodder through your chipper shredder, you need to know that all living things are carbon-based. Moreover, carbon forms with other atoms to create protein, fat and carbohydrate chains. How does it work in plants? Well, during photosynthesis (which means “making things with light” – the more you know) plants use carbon to grow. Moreover, they convert the energy from the sun into a chemical carbohydrate molecule. Once the plant decomposes, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere to begin the process again.

Furthermore, carbon is important as it provides energy for growth. Upon death, plants release carbon back into the environment for the process to begin again. Carbon enables healthier more productive plants.

What carbon-rich materials should you put through your chipper shredder? Here are some ideas:

Best Food Sources for Chipper Shredder Fertilisers?

When it comes to the best food sources for making a DIY fertiliser, the world is your oyster. We’ll list our picks later on for what you should put through your chipper shredder. However, for today’s example, we’ll run through bananas. Bananas include multiple vitamins that help enrich the plant, these include:

  • Potassium (helps fight disease, promote vigour and fruit develop)
  • Phosphorus (influences fruiting and flowering, promotes good roots)
  • Calcium (the most important mineral in the soil)

Moreover, by putting bananas through your chipper shredder you are ensuring they get all of the above and more. Here’s a list of other food sources to consider putting through:

  • Bananas
  • Melons
  • Cucumbers
  • Root Vegetables
  • Greens
  • Squash
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Grain

Food sources to avoid:

Moreover, as you’re now aware of which food sources you should put through your chipper shredder. There are foods that you shouldn’t. For example, meat. In short, yes you can compost meat. But, the question should be whether it’s a good idea – in short, it isn’t. Why? Well, while meat could break down – think of all the pests it would attract. Moreover, while there are positive bacteria that thrive in mulch – there’s bacteria that won’t. Here’s a list of materials to avoid putting through your chipper shredder:

  • Meats & Bones
  • Fat, Oil, Grease
  • Dairy Products
  • Canned Sauces
  • Spicy Food
  • Poison Ivy
  • Plastic & Metals
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Fibrous Materials
  • Glossy Paper

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  1. Can you put clam shells through a wood chipper

    1. Forest Master

      Hi Scott, Thanks for reaching out! The risk here is that the hardness and brittleness of the shells could damage the chipper’s blades rather fast. It’s like using a butter knife to cut a steak – technically possible, but not really what it’s made for, and you might end up blunting the blades very very quickly. Of course these can be easily sharpened or reversed (if you own a Forest Master wood chipper) but with how quickly I believe they’ll blunt I don’t see this as a sustainable option.

      For disposing of clam shells, composting them might be a more suitable option. They break down over time and can add calcium to the soil – a win-win for your garden!

      If you’ve got any other questions, or if there’s anything else I can help you with, just let me know. Happy to help!

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