how to replace electric motor, electric log splitter

How to Remove and Replace the Short Motor on your Electric Log Splitter

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Last Updated on August 19, 2020 by Forest Master

Electric Motors can be prone to damage failure eventually, whether this is through water damage or some other means.

Replacing them can seem a daunting task at first, but not to worry, we’re here to walk you through it step by step!

1. The splitter should be turned upside down and left for a little while before removing the pump and motor assembly, this allows the oil to drain back into the tank. You can reuse all the O-rings.

2. Undo the 3 bolts holding the pump bracket onto the underside of the splitter (you will require a socket and extension for this)

vertical bolts, short motor, pump assembly

3. Also, remove the horizontal bolt connecting the back of the motor to the underside of the splitter body (demonstrated below)

horizontal bolt, sort motor, electric log splitter

4. Remove the complete motor and pump bracket assembly. There are two O-rings in holes in the face of the pump bracket, ensure you do not lose these.

5. Undo the 6 bolts holding the pump bracket to the electric motor and remove the motor along with the pump plate and gears.

motor and pump, electric motor

6. You can then remove the pump plate, lay shaft gear assembly and the drive gear from the motor shaft. Demonstrated below.

lay shaft gear assembly, drive gear, pump plate, electric motor

7. The next step is to remove the small pin (part 70 in your log splitter manual) which keys the drive gear to the motor shaft. Do not misplace this as the pump will not drive without it.

motor shaft, keyway pin

8. You can now undo the three long bolts holding the end cover to the motor and then remove the end cover. Note that if you have not removed the small pin (70) then you cannot draw the shaft through the cover.

electric motor, end cover, bolts

9. Fit the cover to the new short motor.

10. Insert the pin (70) into the slot in the motor shaft and fit the drive gear.

11. Refit the upper gear shaft, gear, and the pump plate. Ensure that the two oval O-rungs are still seated in their grooves.

12. Attach the motor assembly to the pump bracket with the 6 bolts. Be careful not to overtighten the bolts as this will cause the pump to jam. The normal torque is 12 – 14 lbs.

13. Refit the pump and motor assembly to the log splitter. Ensure the two O-rings in the top of the pump are seated correctly before fitting the assembly.

If after fitting, the electric motor turns but the pump does not function, the likely cause is that you have not fitted the pin into the motor drive shaft and therefore the gear is not being driven.

If the motor does not turn after fitting, the 6 bolts are most likely too tight. Undo each bolt a quarter of a turn and try the motor again.

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  1. Where can I purchase this style motor. I have the same motor and can’t seem to find a new one to replace it with.

  2. Noel Cator

    Just received my brand new electric log splitter I assembled the guards etc and stand.
    Plugged the unit in and nothing…the motor just made a hum noise and cut out, after checking impeller by inserting a small welding electrode through the guard to spin the fan it wouldn’t move it’s stuck solid.
    Any ideas would be great

    1. Hi Noel,

      Unplug the machine from the power source and then remove the black fan cover from the fan. It should be possible to turn the fan with slight pressure from one finger. If this isn’t possible, then check for any obstructions.

      1. Noel Cator

        I note from above pics that it’s possible for the motor shaft to be fouling inside the pump gear assy by over tightening.
        I intend to loosen those six bolts on pump housing as the motor shaft may be a few thou to long.
        Do you think this may be what’s possibly happening and if so would it cause a problem by grinding the shaft back by a two of three thou.
        I have removed impeller cover and it’s extremely tight without forcing it of the machined section of shaft.
        Your ideas please.

        1. Hi Noel,

          Could I please ask what model of machine you have? It is possible that they’re overtightened but it’s highly unlikely that this has happened from leaving us to be delivered to yourself. Try loosening the six bolts a quarter turn and then see if the fan can turn any easier.

  3. Hi,
    I have a very similar log splitter branded Millarco, 6.75 tonne capacity which doesn’t start. It looks like I need the 2200 watt model, but this seems to be unavailable on the link given to the short motor. Will the larger model (2300) be OK? Assuming the short motor comes complete with electricals, ie capacitor, switch etc…..
    I’m in Sweden and have contacted Millarco, who tell me they have no spares for their log splitter…..
    Thanks, Robin

    1. Forest Master

      Hi Robin, Yes, the 2300W will be absolutely fine.

  4. i have fluid leaking into the motor .. i took it apart and there is two O rings on either side if the plate and an inner one that rides on the motors shaft (i assume thats the one thats causing the fluid to pass.. but any online parts companies i contact tell me that have no part # for this part.. would you have any information or where i can purchase it.. thank you

    1. Forest Master

      Hi Tom, we have almost all parts available for our log splitters available to purchase on our website, which you can find here: If you need to consult a technician regarding your log splitter compatibility with these parts, please drop us an email at

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