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How to replace the Circuit Trip on your Electric Chipper

Last Updated on July 21, 2020 by Forest Master


Breaker Trip Switch Diagram 1

The breaker trip switch is the small plastic button which is located beside the kill switch.

If you’re using a standard UK 3-Pin Plug (13 amp), you may have encountered issues with the chipper blowing fuses. we’re providing a 10 amp trip as well as three time delay fuses in order to prevent further issues when using a standard 13 AMP UK 3-Pin Plug. The trip replacement will also allow the machine to start up a lot easier. The replacement process can be completed in just a few short minutes.

1. First, remove the 6 screws from the perimeter of the cover lid.

2. Open the cover lid and examine the circuit trip which is located on the inside of the lid.

3. The next step is to remove the wires from the circuit trip, take care as one of these wires may have a small tab on the inside which will need to be pressed down in order to release the wire. It’s best to remove the plastic covers from the end of the wires in order to check for the tab.

4. You can now unscrew the old circuit trip from the lid by rotating anti-clockwise. It’s best to hold onto the plastic trip on the other side of the lid in order to turn the circuit effectively.

5. When you have removed the old circuit trip, you can then install the new trip by following the same instructions but instead turning clockwise when installing.

6. Now reinstall the wires into the new circuit trip. You can install these wires in any order.

7. Finally, close the lid and screw back into place.

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  1. Adrian Newman

    Thanks, just bought a second hand mucher and blown two 13a fuses – hope this works!

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