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Starting 15HP Wood Chipper with Electric Start (Cold or Warm)

If you’re starting the 15HP Wood Chipper with the electric start while the engine is cold, be sure to set the choke level to full choke. When you start the engine you should then let it run at low throttle for around 30 seconds before you begin to slowly increase the throttle level. If you’re […]

What is the ram stop used for on the log splitter?

The ram stop is used to shorten the return distance of the log splitter. If you’re cutting shorter logs you can use the ram stop to reduce the return distance, meaning you aren’t stood waiting for the log splitter to return the full distance. The ram stop is essential for reducing time spent splitting logs.

FM6DD Engine is spluttering / cutting out

A rare case of the engine sputtering and cutting out may be due to the way in which the petrol was filled into the tank. When filling up the chipper with petrol, ensure that the funnel is completely dry and that no water is entering into the tank. If this happens, the water sinks directly […]

Chipper Belts are turned over

The belts turning or moving out of place means that the pulleys are out of alignment. Check the lower to upper pulley using a spirit level if possible. You can easily move over the engine by loosening the 4 bolts.

The engine is smoking – 6.5HP Wood Chipper

In the event that your wood chipper engine is producing smoke, please follow this checklist: Check the oil level and adjust as needed. Check the air filter and clean or replace if needed. You may be using the wrong oil – too light for the temperature. We recommend reading the Engine Owner’s manual for more […]

The engine lacks power or is not running smoothly – 6.5HP Chipper

In the event that your wood chipper won’t start, please follow this checklist: Check that the Throttle Lever is in the ‘RUN’ position Is the air filter clean? If it’s dirty, change it by following the instructions provided in the engine manufacturer’s owner’s manual. Is the spark plug clean? If it’s fouled or cracked, change […]

The engine won’t start – 6.5HP Wood Chipper

In the event that your wood chipper won’t start, please follow this checklist: Is the ignition switch in the ‘ON’ position? Is the fuel shut-off valve on? Are you using fresh, clean fuel? If the fuel is old, change it. Use a fuel stabilizer if you keep fuel longer than 30 days. Is the spark […]

How to start your Wood Chipper – 6.5HP Wood Chipper

The first step to starting up your chipper is to position the wood chipper on flat, dry ground and made sure the machine cannot be moved. Then make sure that the Fuel Shut-Off Valve is in the ‘ON‘ position. Move the Choke Control Lever to the ‘CHOKE‘ position (this is only required if the engine […]

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