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Valve Core shoots out of the log splitter

In the very rare case that the valve core shoots out of the log splitter, this is caused by misuse of the machine. You must remember not to press down with force on the operating lever. The operating lever simply controls whether or not the ram moves – pressing harder on the lever will not […]

How to check the electric motor for water damage

In order to check if the electric motor is suffering from water damage, you need to first remove the motor and pump assembly. Close the bleed valve of the log splitter and turn the machine upside down. There are three vertical bolts that hold the pump bracket to the underside of the end plate and […]

How to install the Electric Start battery on the FM6DD Petrol Wood Chipper

Assembly Parts:Battery Tray – 1M5x125 Bolt – 2M5 Nut – 2Battery – 1Ignition Key – 2 If you’re reading the original FM6DD Manual; on step 5 of page 9 of the assembly instructions, attach the battery tray to the underside of the base (42) using the 4 bolts that secure the engine to the base. […]

Operating a machine on an extension lead over 10 metres

First, you will need to check the main supply voltage. The extension cable you use will also have to be 2.5 cable and be used full unwound. On average, we lose 1 volt of power for every meter of cable. So if you were to extend over 30 meters then you’re losing 30 volts of […]

How to replace the hopper switch on the FM4DDE

Remove the 6 screws (circled) that hold the cover of the switch box closed. 2. Disconnect the bullet connectors (arrowed) of the black and blue wires from the hopper switch. 3. Unscrew the cover of the cable grommet and draw the two wires out. 4. Open the hopper and remove the two screws securing the […]

Starting 15HP Wood Chipper with Electric Start (Cold or Warm)

If you’re starting the 15HP Wood Chipper with the electric start while the engine is cold, be sure to set the choke level to full choke. When you start the engine you should then let it run at low throttle for around 30 seconds before you begin to slowly increase the throttle level. If you’re […]

What is the ram stop used for on the log splitter?

The ram stop is used to shorten the return distance of the log splitter. If you’re cutting shorter logs you can use the ram stop to reduce the return distance, meaning you aren’t stood waiting for the log splitter to return the full distance. The ram stop is essential for reducing time spent splitting logs.

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