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The Must-Have Mulching Tool for Every Gardener 2021

Reading Time: 8 minutes In an age where technology has been advancing at an incredible rate and there are new, exciting and innovative products being released every other month. I think it’s safe to say that gardening tools have been left behind and leave a lot to be desired, looking medieval at times. Well, that time is thankfully coming […]

How to grow an organic garden – a beginners guide

Reading Time: 5 minutes Like so many others, I’ve recently been considering going vegan. I’ve done the cliche millennial thing of ordering “beginners vegan cookbooks” (One-Pot Vegan & Five Ingredient Vegan if you’re interested). Moreover, I’ve begun the (painful) process of cutting dairy out of my diet. But, one thing I’ve noticed a lot, is people preaching the importance […]

Kitchen Garden Guide, from planning to planting

Reading Time: 5 minutes Now, if you’re anything like me, you’d assume a kitchen garden consists of a chilli plant found at your local supermarket and not much else. But, there’s so much more to it than that. Whether it be indoor or outdoor, this French originating concept has been around for centuries! In the blog, I’m going to […]

Gardening gifts for men, women and the whole family!

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you’re like us, nothing brings you more joy than being out in your garden. Whether you’re cooking up a storm, being a social butterfly or making your own mulch – your garden is your own paradise. It’s little surprise then that 27 million (almost 50%!) of us Brits have green-fingers. So, it makes sense […]

Allotment Ideas For Beginners – The Ultimate Guide.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Sourcing & securing an allotment plot can be tricky business. In this guide, we’ll help you ‘plot’, secure and execute the perfect allotment ideas for beginners. From where & what to consider to planning an allotment from scratch. We’re going to show you all the hints and tips, such as using mulch, that’ll ensure your […]

No Dig Gardening – For Beginners

Reading Time: 8 minutes What Is No Dig Gardening? I must admit, concepts such as mulching, and no-dig gardening escaped me. Then, I came upon the YouTube channel of one Charles Dowding, vegetable wizard of Homeacres, I was as confused as you are. And the more and more content I consumed on this alien method of gardening, the more […]

How To: Start a Vegetable Garden

Reading Time: 5 minutes So you’re looking at getting an allotment, or perhaps you already have one, and now you need to know what it takes to seed your own vegetable garden. There’s nothing more fruitful than growing your own veg (excuse the pun) and the satisfaction you get from watching your seedlings grow and flourish under your supervision […]

common mulching mistakes to avoid

Mulching Mistakes and How to Avoid them

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mulching is of the most beneficial things you can give to your garden and plants. A good quality mulch is able to insulate the soil, providing a buffer from heat and cold temperatures as well as retaining water to ensure that the roots are kept moist. It also keeps the weeds at bay, preventing competition […]

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