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myths of composting, composting myths, gardening

The Myths of Composting

There are a lot of myths and rumours which frequently circulate around the internet regarding composting, these rumours often result in people giving up before they’ve even started the process of creating their own. We’re going to take a look into some of these rumours and shed some light on the composting myths that so […]

Log Stores | How To Store Your Logs

So you’ve just finished chopping up your logs to use in your log splitter, and now you need to give them time to season. What you need is a good log store, as that will speed up the entire process. But how do you know which one to go for? What makes a good log […]

how to compost, make your own compost, compost pile

How to make compost at home

A good compost provides everything your plants need to grow and remain healthy. We guide you through every step of making your own compost at home.

How to make leaf mould, green leaves, leafmold, how to guide

How to make leaf mould for your garden

Leaf Mould is compost made from tree leaves. The end result of leaf mould is an invaluable additive to soil. It’s a great organic method for creating homemade compost.

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