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Looking for a saw horse? You’ve come to the right place. Browse our collection of Saw horses and other logging accessories, such as heavy-duty log lifters and versatile log holders.

We offer a dynamic range of saw horses which excel in mobility, efficiency and safety. We produce a broad variety of saw horses and accessories for various styles and needs; such as fast loading log holders or bulk sawhorses.

View our best selling range of bulk log holders for chainsaws or our patented and innovative Quick Fire Saw horse which allows a quick load and release for maximum log cutting efficiency.

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What is a sawhorse? Take a look at our extensive blog post which covers all the different varieties as well as helping you to decide which is best for your purpose.

Our featured product is the FMLL Log Lifter Saw horse which is our newest product in this category. The innovative product allows you to raise an entire log off the ground at once, allowing you to make all the necessary chainsaw cuts without ever having to make adjustments.