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The Ultimate Chainsaw Sawmill?

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Last Updated on August 9, 2022 by Forest Master

The Patent-Pending Forest Master Universal Woodworking Station (UWWS) is the ultimate tool for all of your chainsaw sawmill requirements, plus more, without breaking the bank. 

The Universal Chainsaw Sawmill bundles together a chainsaw sawmill, log sawhorse, and a miter saw workbench all together in one ultimate tool. The possibilities are limitless. We’re confident the UWWS can provide a better chainsaw wood finish than anything else on the market. 

The Universal Chainsaw Mill is our flagship saw mill and it is our firm belief that it’ll be your new forestry favourite. It’ll be the crown jewel in any king’s crown. In fact, it’ll allow you to even build your own castle (well, wooden lodge). With even facilities and uses to blow your mind while getting any and all jobs done.

Load your log onto the stand, screw the log into place, and away you go. From Setup to milling in just a few minutes. Eliminate the time demanded to readjust the wood each time you want to perform a new cut. Simply readjust the height (which takes moments) and repeat the effective process until you produce all the accurately sized wood you need with a perfect wood finish.

The UWWS arrives in three boxes, and includes all of these parts:

Universal Sawmill, Multi-purpose sawmill sawhorse workbench, forest master, packaging includes
Base frame x 1
Crossbeam x 2
Guide Bars (1490mm) x 2
Vertical Guide Bar Support x 4
Left Chainsaw Clamp x 1
Right Chainsaw Clamp x 1
Chainsaw Frame Handle x 1
Gripping Plates x 4
Perpendicular Telescopic Slot x 2
Vertical V-Slot x 2
Horizontal V-Slot x 2
Vertical Sawhorse x 2
Horizontal Sawhorse x 2
Step Gauge x 1
Mounting Clamps (Mitre Saw) x 2


Table of Contents

Chainsaw Support
Portability of Chainsaw
Versatility of Chainsaw
Examples of Use

Chainsaw Support

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One of the primary features of the Sawmill is the two guide rails & two supporting C-shaped clamps. These clamps properly support the entire length of the chainsaw through the entirety of the cut. This ensures you will chainsaw a perfect cut every time. Direct competitors to the UWWS only support the chainsaw on one side, meaning the chainsaw will begin to naturally produce a lob-sided cut. This is due to the immense amount of power generated by the chainsaw. 

The two C-shaped clamps are joined together by a connecting support bar which acts as a handle and allows the user to seamlessly direct, ease and pivot the chainsaw through the wood. The bar stands at an acute angle behind the chainsaw, carefully positioning you in the optimal position to direct the force applied from the chainsaw in any way you see fit to efficiently perform the fastest cut. 

The unique ability to pivot the chainsaw provides improved control and efficiency of the cut. Competitor products which lack this feature demand the chainsaw cut through the whole log at the same time. This means a longer time cutting without providing the chainsaw any relief of power.

Chainsaw Support

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The Universal Mill in its standard form is portable and incredibly versatile in the logs that it can cut. 

The UWWS offers a rapid set-up time as well as flexibility in the way you set up, depending on which function you wish to use the station for. The foldable legs and quick setup time means that you don’t need to leave it out in the yard or workshop. Take the stand apart in a few breathless minutes and store it away for next time.

Supplied with the UWWS is a step-gauge guide. This tool allows you to quickly adjust the telescopic guides to the appropriate height accurately, without having to manually measure each side of the wood. This drastically cuts down on assembly time as well as reliably providing an accurate cut.

Versatility of the Chainsaw Sawmill

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The UWWS provides all the tools you would require to build an entire log cabin. A fully adjustable chain sawmill, sawhorse and workbench station all-in-one tool to fit your every need.

You are able to accurately adjust the guide bars both vertically and horizontally to facilitate the cutting of a broad variety of various sizes of wood.

The stand provides the ability to mill a heavy piece of wood which would typically be a struggle to lift. Simply fold the legs and attach the stand directly on to the log. You then roll both the log and stand together at the same time. Now that the log is secure in place, you can simply set the desired height of the cut and slab away!

Examples of Use

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We have a range of videos available on our YouTube channel showing different milling methods, including milling wood coins, slabs and planks. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking this link.

Playlist: Sawhorses and Sawmills


There are an effective range of extensions available for the Universal Sawmill to further expand the possibilities of the already impressive and varied tool.

Vertical Attachment

The Vertical Attachment allows you to chainsaw vertically as well as horizontally. Perfect for milling planks or wood sleepers. The vertical attachment efficiently provides all the versatility and accuracy of the horizontal guide bar but allows you to chainsaw the sides of the wood without re-positioning the log. You can chainsaw three sides of the wood with no necessary adjustment of the log required.

Begin your process by taking off the top of the log using the standard horizontal guide, then attach the vertical clamp and chainsaw the sides, cutting under the bark. This, in turn, means less downtime sharpening the chain.

Once you chainsaw one side of the log using the vertical attachment, you can simply turn the attachment around and instantly begin chainsawing the other side of the log. No adjustment to the log is required.

This process can be performed using minor quick changes to the vertical attachment (which only requires seconds) to mill a log into wood planks, without requiring any adjustment to the log.

Promptly cut a whole square beam from a log, using only one adjustment.

Chainsaw Sawmill, Chainsaw Attachment, Vertical Chainsaw, Milling Planks

Wheel Attachment

We additionally offer wheel attachments which provide even more convenience and portability. You can simply pack all of the equipment up into the base stand and then easily transport the equipment at your own pace without needing to pack everything away.

Universal Sawmill, Wheel Attachment, Chainsaw mill, Portable Sawmill

Extension Bars

Extension bars are available upon request. The stand has a maximum extension bar length of up to 4 metres long. Extension bars up to 6 metres long are possible when used free from the stand.

universal woodworking station, chainsaw sawmill, extension bars, chainsaw guide bars

These can be attached to the base stand, or you can operate them portable and attach them directly to the wood you wish to chainsaw. They nevertheless provide the same perfect chainsaw cut quality as the standard package. No quality is lost in the length of the bars.  



  1. Paul Hannon

    What is the recommended size of chainsaw for this sawmill?

    1. Hi! The minimum size for the chainsaw bar is 20″, though we recommend a larger bar than that or you’re limiting the size of logs you can cut. In the series of chainsaw sawmill videos, we demonstrate the sawmill using a Stihl 661 chainsaw with a 36″.

  2. Can yall ship to the US?

    1. Hi Caleb,
      We can ship to the US, though you’ll have to contact us directly to discuss delivery charges.

  3. Michael Lupacchino

    You convinced me to get this over the logosol. My back thanks you for this awesome tool.

  4. Great Information

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