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Forest Master – Frequently Asked Questions

Explore a range of frequently asked questions regarding our equipment, as well as general log splitting, gardening and forestry-related questions. Is your question not here? Submit a question by emailing us at

General Product Queries

We can perform a service or repair on log splitters, from most manufacturers. Please contact us first as we can then book in your log splitter. If you live locally, please bring your log splitter along, we can book in the log splitter at our office.

Please note, the repair and servicing of log splitters is not free, the price will be discussed when you contact us.

We recommend changing the oil after 150 hours of use. If you wish to learn how to change the oil, please visit our Downloads page. You can then download the latest manual for you log splitter.

This question is not so simple to answer, as it depends on several aspects, for e.g. the side of the logs, hardness, etc. Please view the Forest Master Comparison Sheet to find the best log splitter for you.

We stock all the spares that you will need. If you know which parts you need, please give us a call and we will happily take your order over the phone.

If you aren’t sure, check our download page and you will find all the latest manuals for each product. Every manual contains a parts list, this will assist you in finding which parts you need to order.

25:1 Mineral Oil

50:1 Fully Synthetic Oil

Replacing a plug socket fuse is a straight forward process.

– Before beginning, remove the plug from the wall and you will be able to see the cover between the terminals.

– Find a suitable screw driver and carefully remove the cover from the base of the plug.

– Remove the old fuse from the plug using a small screwdriver.

– Simply slide in the new fuse into where the old fuse previously sat and then reassemble the plug, attaching the cover back into place.

The log splitter must be strapped or tied to wood skids, or a pallet. You MUST also close the valve of the log splitter (air bleed valve located above the ram).

The replacement pull starts are slightly larger than the original stock pull starts on the engine and more robust. Therefore, some of the plastic shroud on the engine needs to be trimmed away.


The first step is to remove the four bolts securing the pull start on the side of the engine and remove the pull start. You can then remove the thin metal spacer plate which is found underneath.

You can then position the new pull start and mark a line on the plastic shroud where it has to be trimmed. Trim the shroud using a Stanley knife or sharp scissors.

The final step is to refit the thin spacer plate and then fit in the brand new pull start. Replacing the four bolts which secure the pull start.

You can purchase a replacement pull start for your MLR52 Engine by clicking here.

First, you will need to check the main supply voltage.

The extension cable you use will also have to be 2.5 cable and be used full unwound.

On average, we lose 1 volt of power for every meter of cable. So if you were to extend over 30 meters then you’re losing 30 volts of power. When a motor is designed for 230/240 volts you are overloading the motor by running it with less than 220 volts.

In the past, customers have been known to run at 200 volts with no issues but over time this can cause issues with the motor causing them to fail.

Standard household mains will typically run at around 230v/240v but it’s recommended that you check this as it’s quite possible that you’re running at a lower level.

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