Operating a machine on an extension lead over 10 metres

Last Updated on October 8, 2020 by Forest Master

First, you will need to check the main supply voltage.

The extension cable you use will also have to be 2.5 cable and be used full unwound.

On average, we lose 1 volt of power for every meter of cable. So if you were to extend over 30 meters then you’re losing 30 volts of power. When a motor is designed for 230/240 volts you are overloading the motor by running it with less than 220 volts.

In the past, customers have been known to run at 200 volts with no issues but over time this can cause issues with the motor causing them to fail.

Standard household mains will typically run at around 230v/240v but it’s recommended that you check this as it’s quite possible that you’re running at a lower level.

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