The engine won’t start – 6.5HP Wood Chipper

Last Updated on August 6, 2020 by Forest Master

In the event that your wood chipper won’t start, please follow this checklist:

Is the ignition switch in the ‘ON’ position?

Is the fuel shut-off valve on?

Are you using fresh, clean fuel? If the fuel is old, change it. Use a fuel stabilizer if you keep fuel longer than 30 days.

Is the spark plug clean? If the spark plug is dirty or cracked, change it. If it’s oily, leave it out, hold a rag over the plug hole and pull the recoil cord several times to blow out any oil in the cylinder, then wipe off the plug and reinsert it.

Is there sufficient oil? Check the engine oil level and if necessary top up to the current level.

Is there dirt in the carburetor? Undo the bolt holding the float chamber to the carburetor, empty out any fuel and clean the inside using fresh clean petrol. Remove the jet in the bottom of the carburetor and clean it. Refit the jet and the float chamber.

If you’ve been through each step of this checklist and you’re still experiencing issues, then please give us a call on our technical line on 0191 276 6553 or email us at

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