How to loosen HDW8.8 Bolts (for rotating blades)

Last Updated on July 21, 2020 by Forest Master

In order to rotate the blades on any of our chippers, you much use a hex socket (6 sided) with no leading edge, this is important or you will round off the head.

Sometimes it helps to tighten a tiny bit before undoing the bolt.

When the process is complete, use a small amount of thread lock and screw back into position.

Categories: FM4DDE 4HP Electric Chipper, FM6DD 6HP Petrol Wood Chipper


  1. John McEntee

    I am struggling on removeing the bolts. They are not shifting at all. I have even try using an impact driver to no success.

    1. Hi John,

      The bolts require a socket with no leading taper – we actually make these ourselves to be compatible with the bolts used on our chippers. The 16mm hexagonal socket tool can be purchased here: The bolts are fitted with thread lock so you may need to apply reasonable force at first to loosen them off.

    2. I know this is late but it might help someone else. I uses 2 different 1/2 impact guns and flattened sockets but could not shift the bolts on a 4 hour old machine. I ended up using an extended cross brace socket arrangement and lots of umph to shift them. The crossbrace kept the force centered on these very thin headed bolts to stop them rounding.

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