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How to loosen HDW8.8 Bolts (for rotating blades)

In order to rotate the blades on any of our chippers, you much use a hex socket (6 sided) with no leading edge, this is important or you will round off the head.

Sometimes it helps to tighten a tiny bit before undoing the bolt.

When the process is complete, use a small amount of thread lock and screw back into position.

Categories: FM4DDE 4HP Electric Chipper, FM6DD 6HP Petrol Wood Chipper


  1. John McEntee

    I am struggling on removeing the bolts. They are not shifting at all. I have even try using an impact driver to no success.

    1. Hi John,

      The bolts require a socket with no leading taper – we actually make these ourselves to be compatible with the bolts used on our chippers. The 16mm hexagonal socket tool can be purchased here: The bolts are fitted with thread lock so you may need to apply reasonable force at first to loosen them off.

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