How to adjust the tension of wood chipper belts

Last Updated on August 6, 2020 by Forest Master

The tension of the belts should be checked before each use. Additionally, when the machine is new or after the belts have been replaced, the tension should be checked after the first 15 minutes of use as the belts will stretch.

tension belts, wood chipper

To adjust the tension loosen the four mounting bolts that secure the engine plate to the chipper. The plate can then be moved backwards or forwards using the two adjusting bolts. To adjust the bolts, loosen the lock nuts then move the adjusting bolts backwards or forwards the required amount.

Once the adjustment is correct, you can then tighten the lock nuts. You should be careful to adjust each bolt by the same amount.

Finally, re-tighten the four mounting bolts.

Categories: 15HP Wood Chipper (FM15WC), 6.5 Wood Chipper (FM6.5WC)
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