FM4DDE – Failure to Start / Failure during Operation

Last Updated on April 7, 2020 by Forest Master

Please Adhere to the following checklist:

– Remove the black plastic cover from the motor and rotate the big outer nut on the end of the shaft using finger and thumb. Check that the drum is rotating freely in both directions and ensure that they aren’t any blockages.

– If the drum is not moving freely using finger and thumb, remove the hopper and clear any blockages from the drum, spinning it back and forth using the nut on the motor to ensure the whole drum is clean of any possible blockage.

– Re-position the hopper back in to place and tightly secure the bolt (this is important as the bolt acts as a safety mechanism for the chipper). Ensure that the correct bolt is used when reassembling.

– Check the fuses on the device and the mains power supply, including any extension cables.

– Reset the trip switch which is located beside the ON/OFF switch on top of the motor. (small clear button). If the trip switch is tripped, this is either due to an overload or the drum may have a blockage.

FM4DDE, Trip Switch, Compact Electric Chipper

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