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Does the bleed screw need to be tightened after use?

Yes, the bleed screw must be tightened after you have finished using it. The air vent allows air into the machine, if you do not close off the vent it allows moisture to enter into the machine as it cools down.

How should I store my log splitter when not in use?

We strongly recommend wrapping the motor in a towel if it is stored unused for a long period of time and to put a breathable cover over the machine in order to prevent any condensation on the motor casing. It should not be covered in plastic sheeting or other none breathable materials.

Splitting Logs which have already been split.

If you are splitting a log which has already been split, you must position the wood on the splitter with the bark side down. Also, if you are splitting logs with branch stubs, place the stub pointing up if possible. Do not place logs so the stubs point down. This is to avoid damaging the […]

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