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How to grow an organic garden – a beginners guide

Reading Time: 5 minutes Like so many others, I’ve recently been considering going vegan. I’ve done the cliche millennial thing of ordering “beginners vegan cookbooks” (One-Pot Vegan & Five Ingredient Vegan if you’re interested). Moreover, I’ve begun the (painful) process of cutting dairy out of my diet. But, one thing I’ve noticed a lot, is people preaching the importance […]

No Dig

No Dig Gardening – For Beginners

Reading Time: 8 minutes What this article includes: What is no dig gardening? Why use the no dig method of gardening? Does no dig gardening work? How to make a no dig vegetable garden What Is No Dig Gardening? I must admit, concepts such as mulching, and no-dig gardening escaped me. Then, I came upon the YouTube channel of […]

start your own vegetable garden

How To: Start a Vegetable Garden

Reading Time: 5 minutes So you’re looking at getting an allotment, or perhaps you already have one, and now you need to know what it takes to seed your own vegetable garden. There’s nothing more fruitful than growing your own veg (excuse the pun) and the satisfaction you get from watching your seedlings grow and flourish under your supervision […]

winter garden, snow, plants, cold

How To: Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Reading Time: 5 minutes Doing my best to avoid the winter is coming reference, winter is almost here and there’s plenty of work to be done in ensuring that your garden is fully prepared for the winter ahead. As annual vegetables are coming towards the end of their lifespan and frosts are taking hold, it’s easy to take a […]

paper, cardboard, compost

How to Compost Shredded Paper and Cardboard

Reading Time: 4 minutes Home composting & mulching is one of the most simplistic and satisfying DIY projects. At first glance, many people believe that making compost is a complex and time-demanding task. The reality is that the process is very simple and doesn’t require a great deal of work. If you want to explore other misconceptions, check out […]

how to season firewood, wood burning, seasoned logs

How to Season your Firewood

Reading Time: 5 minutes In this blog post, we’ll cover how to correctly season your firewood as well as covering any questions you may have around the process.

Cutting Firewood Banner

Cutting Firewood – Start to Finish

Reading Time: 5 minutes Learn how to cut your firewood, from tree to split log. It’s all here in this blog post!

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