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FM6DD Engine is spluttering / cutting out

A rare case of the engine sputtering and cutting out may be due to the way in which the petrol was filled into the tank. When filling up the chipper with petrol, ensure that the funnel is completely dry and that no water is entering into the tank. If this happens, the water sinks directly […]

Can the FM6DD handle hedge cuttings?

The FM6DD Petrol Wood Chipper is capable of chipping any fresh wood. We’ve thoroughly tested the chipper with hawthorn and beech wood, both when fresh and seasoned. It’s capable of chipping the wood when fresh, but after three or so days the wood will begin to season, and this causes issues with chipping. If you’re […]

How often do the Blades need replacing?

This largely depends on the hardness of the wood you’re chipping. The harder the wood, the quicker the blades will need to be replaced. However, the chipper is equipped with twin reversible blades. The reversible blades mean that you can simply switch the blades around when the first set start to dull, so you get […]

How to handle Dry Green Waste with your Chipper

Our compact chippers are built for the primary purpose of being a chipper and shredder. However, the chipper can still handle dry green waste such as laurel and conifer. The cutting blades are set at a 0.5mm gap, these can be adjusted to be very close together which eliminates the gap for any leaves to […]

Chipper not feeding in wood / producing sawdust

Wood is too dried out The compact chipper series (FM6DD & FM4DDE) are designed primarily for chipping freshly cut wood. The FM6DD has been tested thoroughly chipping freshly cut hawthorn wood (slow-grown hardwood). We recommend that the wood is chipped no longer than three days after cutting. After this date, the wood will begin to […]

How wide is the hopper chute?

The entrance leading direct to the cutter is 95 mm x 95 mm. The upper section has a CE plate fitted to restrict the size of cutting to 2 x 55mm holes with a slot joining the two holes which provides an entrance for side shoots and branches etc. The safety plate is not required […]

How to loosen HDW8.8 Bolts (for rotating blades)

In order to rotate the blades on any of our chippers, you much use a hex socket (6 sided) with no leading edge, this is important or you will round off the head. Sometimes it helps to tighten a tiny bit before undoing the bolt. When the process is complete, use a small amount of […]

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