Forest Master Wood Chipper
Compact Petrol 6HP Wood Chipper Garden Shredder
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Compact Petrol 6HP Wood Chipper Garden Shredder


  • Powered by the latest LCT 4 stroke engine
  • Twin reversible blades that extend product life-span
  • Direct Drive – no belts to need replacing
  • Shreds branches up to 50mm
  • Weighs only 38kg
  • 1 Year warranty as standard
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Petrol 6HP Compact Garden Wood Chipper & Shredder (FM6DD)

Forest Master Compact Petrol Wood Chipper 6HP Garden Shredder

The FM6DD is a patent-pending (GB2008049.5) compact petrol wood chipper capable of chipping wood up to 50mm (2 inches) in diameter. The FM6DD’s powerful 6hp LCT engine can rotate the chipper drum at a maximum of 3600rpm. This enables it to easily chip all kinds of freshly cut wood from hard to soft. It is a direct drive for better performance and this also means that there are no belts or chains that you have to keep adjusting.

We have two versions of the FM6DD available, a standard version which features a pull start and an upgraded Electric Start version for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of a pull start. The electric start version also includes a back-up pull start.

The FM6DD has twin reversible blades so that when one side becomes worn from use the blades can simply be turned around to use the second side. This saves the need for constant resharpening and effectively doubles the life of the blades. The lightweight and compact size of the chipper enables it to be extremely manoeuvrable and easy to store. Both the feed hopper and the discharge chute have a hinged chute design, enabling the user to easily access the drum for quick maintenance. The end of the FM6DD’s discharge chute can be angled to direct the chips.

The FM6DD is powered by the latest LCT Maxx Series 208cc 4 Stroke engine. LCT are a US-owned company who manufacture 4 stroke engines that are used in a wide variety of outdoor power equipment.

The powerful and compact wood chipper only requires minimal maintenance, you are only required to check the oil level and the cutting blades of the chipper, both of which can be easily replaced or refilled in just a few short moments.

The entrance leading directly to the cutter (hopper chute) is 95mm x 95mm. The upper section has a CE plate fitted. This safety plate is not required for the USA or Canada.

View the Frequently Asked Questions page to explore all the commonly asked questions regarding the Electric Wood Chipper.

Note that this machine is shipped dry and requires engine oil. Use standard 4 Stroke oil such as 10W-40.

    • 6hp 208cc 4 Stroke LCT Maxx Series reliable engine. Direct drive, no belts involved so no loss of performance
    • Twin reversible blades giving them a much longer life span
    • Direct Drive – No inconvenience of Belts or Chains
    • Minimal Maintenance
    • This powerful compact chipper will shred just about every type of garden foliage. Will shred branches up to 50 mm
    • Lightweight only 38kg*
    • The hopper and chute are hinged and can be folded away to minimise its storage capacity. Takes up less space than an average wheelbarrow
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Some minor assembly is required
    • European Design 008171813


Max Wood Diameter: 50mm / 2″*

Power: 6hp LCT Maxx series petrol engine 208cc 4 stroke

Max Drum Speed: 3600 rpm*

Net Weight: 38kg*

Overall Height: 780mm*

Overall Width: 480mm*

Overall Length: 910mm*

Number of Blades: 2 (reversible)

Warranty: 1 Year

Note that this machine is shipped dry and requires engine oil. Use standard 4 Stroke oil such as 10W-40.

*All figures are approximate



Additional information

Weight 38 kg
Frequently Asked Questions


Pull Start, Electric Start

7 reviews for Compact Petrol 6HP Wood Chipper Garden Shredder

  1. Simon (verified owner)

    Brilliant bit of kit to add to the collection. I’ve been looking for something like this for years, small enough to manage on my own but more than powerful enough not to be a complete waste of space/ money.
    *Double check the Knife-Anvil gap before first use…. I assumed it would’ve been set correctly but had to adjust it as it wasn’t feeding larger limbs. Goes like the clippers now though.
    Proper job. 👌🏻

  2. George (verified owner)

    Fabulous bit of kit. I got this about 3 months ago (8 day delivery during lockdown from UK to Balearic Islands, pretty amazing for a start) to replace an electric mulcher that’s given excellent service for years but has never managed well with the wild olive and other garrigue plants we have here. First impressions: really sturdy, well put together. Easy to assemble. Oil filling: bit of a fiddle but I suppose it’ll only be yearly so not a great issue. Starting: 3 months on (used frequently), starts first pull (except when I forget the “on” switch..). Use: full marks. It does exactly what I was hoping for, chewing through (up to 4/5cm) branches a leaving a fine mulch to put around trees. I’ll be trying composting with it in the winter. Transport: big wheels help but what’s best is that it fits in a wheelbarrow and can easily be moved from one place to another (2 acre plot). Size: fab, fits in the garage perfectly. Would a bigger machine give better performance? Probably. Woukd it tick as many boxes? I don’t think so. Very happy fo far, would strongly recommend.

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    Really good quality machine. Firstly a very quick delivery to Northern Ireland which I wasn’t expecting. Assembly was very simple, and straight away you can tell the quality of the machine as everything is so sturdy and well put together. The engine started on the second pull and has started very well since. Very effective on all my freshly cut branches, and deals with all my hedge trimmings also. Would definitely recommend.

  4. Shauky (verified owner)

    After looking at the reviews of different machines came across forest-master. It’s compact size that I could fit into my estate car after taking the large chute off it.Delivery was really good but the packaging was shoddy and the parts were missing which got sorted out straight away after sending couple of emails. I am sure it would have been one off incident but the machine itself is quite something. Very well made and easy to put together works really well used it twice now and I am happy to say that it is a five star product. Very happy with it.

  5. Nick Fegan

    Finally, after getting this machine up and running, it’s only today I have put it through her paces! Can I recommend it: in a nutshell….a resounding YES, YES! It’s a beauty! Chewed and spat 2″ AND some 3″ Inch thick lilac bushes approx 3’/4′ long branches with leaves, no problems. I stripped a 12′ tree in less than an hour with this ‘little’ BEAST! Not good ONLY with leaves..must have a dry mix, and she’ll put anything by those choppers! BEST INVESTMENT this year!! Thanks, Forest Master.

  6. Peter (verified owner)

    An excellent piece of equipment and top quality customer service. I have now been using the machine for a week or so, and it made short work of a 12ft bushy conifer, as well as various branches from overgrown shrubs and roses, Next up is an unsightly leylandii hedge – a week’s work there, but I’m sure the chipper/shredder will cope.
    A few comments which may be of help.
    1. When setting the machine up for the first time, don’t stint on the engine oil. I put 600ml of oil in initially, but could not fire the machine up. Following very helpful and patient advice from the man at Forest Master, I added more oil, until it just overflowed, made sure the drum was running freely (it was a bit stiff to begin with) and it then fired up on the second pull. In fairness the manual said to fill the oil, until it was almost overflowing, but the manual also said that there was no dipstick, whereas mine came with a different engine, with two oilfilling holes, complete with dipsticks! Also, there is apparently an oil sensor level in the machine, which prevents starting if the oil level is too low. Perhaps these points should be added to the manual.
    2. I’ve learnt to be patient with branches which are very bent, or have a large amount of bushy top growth. Taking the time to cut such branches into smaller pieces makes for far faster progress.
    3. While it is possible to move the machine around, by holding the shute or the hopper, some sort of handle would make life a little easier.
    4. An extra bolt was included with the machine, but was not mentioned in the instructions. Initially, I panicked, thinking I’d missed something, but I then realised it was a spare bolt, for the drum, if ever required. Perhaps this could be mentioned in the instructions.

    Overall, though, a very good quality, sturdy and well built machine that performs well, and top marks for Forest Master’s customer service. Rapid delivery, and excellent help and advice available, if problems are experienced.

  7. Tommy Lyons

    Delivered to the West of Ireland from UK in double quick time. The best piece of garden equipment I ever purchased. Spent the last week shredding Leylandi branches. So easy to move around the garden. Very sturdy and well made. They say size matters, but not when it comes to the Forest Master. Couldn’t be happier with my wood chipping friend. Highly recommend it.

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