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Forest Master – Frequently Asked Questions

Explore a range of frequently asked questions regarding our equipment, as well as general log splitting, gardening and forestry-related questions. Is your question not here? Submit a question by emailing us at

Log Splitter - Small Dysfunctional Parts

Check that the plastic knob of the lever is screwed on fully. If this becomes unscrewed it prevents the lever from being pushed right down, stopping the log splitter from operating. View the video below for a demonstration:

It can sometimes be slightly fidgety to get the rubber plug back into the bung hole after refilling the DUO10T with hydraulic oil. We get around this by placing a little bit of fair liquid around the plug and using a small screwdriver to ease in the inner of the bung.

Place the log splitter on it’s back in the horizontal position. Unscrew the valve assembly and lift straight up out of the hole. Place some grease on the end of the valve stem and the threads then reinsert the valve. It should then stay closed.

The valve (push rod) may just require cleaning.

First, ensure that the ram is fully back to it’s starting point. Then undo the nut securing the handle. Pull the valve out and then clean it using a lint free cloth. Replace it and push it back in and out a few times to make certain that it’s working. Replace the handle and then tighten the securing nut.

Place the nut into a vice and use a big lever between the axe head and tube.

If this process doesn’t allow you to get it apart, cut the lower bar off close to the nut with a hacksaw. You can then make arrangements with us to get it back sent back to us so we can then fit new poles. You can contact us on +44 0191 276 6553.

The black drain 8mm hex is also the dipstick on the other side of the drain bolt, it’s best to try and loosen this after the machine has been in use.

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