SF-V-A Viking Stove Fan – World’s First Fully Heated Stove Fan & Aroma Experience (Features Kitchen Upgrade)


  • The World’s First: Embrace cutting-edge innovation with our groundbreaking, patent-pending heating technology, setting new standards in stove fan design (patent pending technology GB2315157.4). 
  • Complete Heat Distribution: This is not just your standard circulating device, Viking technology draws the heat from the stove and distributes the warmth around the room.
  • Ambient Fragrance Dispenser: Transform your space into an aromatic oasis. Our fan’s built-in twin fragrance dispenser gently circulates your chosen essence, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.
  • Superior Performance: The heavy-duty design of the viking allows the stove fan to produce & distribute heat up to 20C hotter than competitors.
  • Innovative Blade Design: Discover the efficiency of our uniquely designed blades, engineered for maximum air circulation and faster, more effective heat distribution.
  • Smart Self-Regulating Temperature: Enjoy peace of mind with our intelligent temperature control, maintaining optimal heat levels. 
  • Versatile Cooker Top Plate: A breakthrough for culinary spaces, our included cooker top plate makes the fan ideal for kitchen use, effectively clearing cooking odors with a fresh & clean smell. 
  • Exclusive Freebies – Aroma Pods & Fragrance: Elevate your purchase with our complimentary gifts: two aroma pods and 50 ml of essential fragrance, plus the versatile cooker top plate, for an all-in-one aromatic and heating solution.
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Viking Stove Fan, Heavy Duty Log Burner Fan, Satin Black
SF-V-A Viking Stove Fan - World's First Fully Heated Stove Fan & Aroma Experience (Features Kitchen Upgrade) £83.29
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Brand: Forest Master

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Introducing Viking: The World's First Fully Heated Stove Fan (20°C HOTTER!)
Your Stove Fan Can Do THIS? (It's Not Just for Heat!)

Welcome to a new era of home comfort with the Forest Master Viking Advanced Stove Fan. This isn’t just a fan; it’s a comprehensive solution to uneven heating, mundane air, and uninspired spaces.

The Viking isn’t just another stove fan. It’s a beacon of innovation, featuring a unique, patent-pending technology (GB2315157.4) that redefines heat distribution in your home. This isn’t just about moving air around; it’s about harnessing the stove’s heat and spreading it evenly, ensuring every corner of your room is touched by warmth.

Let’s delve into the features that make this fan a must-have in every home:

4-Blade Design: The heart of the Viking Fan is its advanced 4-blade design, meticulously crafted for an even spread of warmth. Say goodbye to those days of huddling in cold corners. This fan ensures a cozy atmosphere in every corner, transforming your space into a warm haven.

Ambient Fragrance Dispenser: Picture a home that not only feels warm but also smells heavenly. The built-in twin fragrance dispenser of the Viking Fan allows you to infuse your space with delightful scents. Just a few drops of our essential fragrance turn your room into an aromatic oasis, perfect for masking cooking odors or creating a spa-like ambiance.

Efficient Blade Dynamics: The unique blade design of the Viking minimises air resistance and maximises air flow, ensuring more effective heat circulation. The result? Faster and more even heat distribution, outperforming rival brands in efficiency and reach.

Exceptional Heating Performance: The Viking doesn’t just push air around; it significantly heats the air it circulates. Tests have shown that the air emitted from the Viking is around 20°C hotter than that from standard stove fans. This dramatic difference in temperature highlights the Viking’s superior heating capability.

Advanced Thermoelectric Generator (TEG): At the heart of the Viking Stove Fan is the TEG. This component is crucial for the fan’s operation, with the bottom section of the stove fan reaching temperatures of up to 230°C, while the top stays around 30°C cooler. This temperature differential is key to the fan’s high performance, allowing it to generate power effectively and maximise fan speed for optimal heat distribution.

Protected Central Section: A key aspect of the Viking’s design is the protected central section, which remains cooler compared to the rest of the fan. This feature is essential for the fan’s safety and longevity, preventing overheating and ensuring efficient operation.

Smart Self-Regulating Temperature: The Viking Fan comes equipped with a dual self-regulating temperature mechanism. This feature maintains the fan’s operation within a safe temperature range, ensuring longevity and maximum performance.

Steel Stove Top Plate: The included steel stove top plate is a game-changer, especially for kitchens. Whether it’s a aga cooker, induction, or gas stove, the Viking Fan can be placed on top, effectively removing any unwanted cooking smells and enhancing your culinary experience. It’s particularly effective in open-plan kitchens and living spaces.

Groundbreaking Technology: At the core of the Viking Stove Fan is a groundbreaking, patent-pending technology. This innovation places the Viking Fan at the forefront of heating and fragrance dispersion, marking it as a leader in home comfort technology.

The Forest Master Viking Advanced Stove Fan isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in elevating the comfort and ambiance of your home. Get ready to experience warmth and fragrance like never before.

Additional Information:

The outer legs play a crucial role in connecting the side sections, shielding the central section from reflected/radiated heat. This design prevents overheating of the upper section, maintaining an optimal temperature difference for effective TEG operation.

Heat Diversion

The use of spacers allows for customisable heat diversion to the side sections. A single longer spacer directs more heat upwards to the TEG, while two smaller spacers result in relatively more heat transfer to the side sections.

Spacer Impact on Fan Speed

No spacer (direct contact) increases the output temperature but decreases fan speed. More spacers with a larger air gap enhance fan speed but reduce heat output, providing a balance between temperature and speed.

Temperature Difference Dynamics

Direct contact without spacers leads to a lower temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of the TEG, resulting in lower power generation. Using spacers increases the temperature difference, leading to greater power generation and faster fan speed.

Spacer Configuration Influence

Varying the number and size of spacers influences the fan speed and heat output. More spacers and a wider air gap result in higher speed with lower heat output, while direct contact achieves a higher temperature but lower fan speed.

Optimised Performance Trade-off

Spacer usage introduces a trade-off between fan speed and heat output. More spacers and a wider air gap increase speed with less heat, while direct contact yields a higher temperature but slower fan speed.

Output Air Temperature Balance

The incorporation of side sections in the fan design ensures a more even temperature distribution in the output air. The heated side sections contribute to warming the air drawn through the fan, providing consistent temperatures across the rotation quadrants.

Fan Diameter: 180 mm
Height: 188 mm
Width: 200 mm
Depth: 84 mm
Fan Base: 155 x 75 mm
Average Fan Speed: 1230 RPM
Air Speed: 2.3m/s
Air Flow: 124 cfm

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
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Satin Black, Brushed Bronze, Stainless Steel

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Q & A

How is it powered ? Lee Shaw asked on March 23, 2024

This fan is heat powered, so it's perfect for your log burner or oven stove top. Whether you have an induction, AGA, gas, or electric stove, rest assured it'll operate seamlessly on any variant.

Forest Master answered on March 25, 2024 store manager
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