Smart Splitter Manual Log Splitting Axe

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  • Smart Splitter removes the effort from splitting logs
  • Easy and Effective splitting of Seasoned Logs
  • Axe weighs 3.5kg
  • Drops from a height of 1m
  • Splits logs as thick as 550mm*

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Forest Master Manual Log Splitter Axe Splitting Wedge with Ultimate Splitting Base Blade

Our Smart Splitter is a safe, easy to use, ergonomic alternative to an axe or wedge. It uses a drop weight on a guide pole to impart the force to the splitting blade, no swinging an axe or mallet which can miss their target and injure the user. The weight is easy to lift and needs just a slight downward thrust, meaning much less strain on your shoulders and back. The Smart Splitter is safe for all the family to use.

Easy to set up, all you need is a flat woodblock or large log to use as a base. Drill a hole for the support pole using the wood drill provided, place the base washer over the guide pole then place the blade onto the guide pole and it’s ready to go. It can quickly be removed from the base for ease of storage.

To effectively use this tool to split logs, the wood should be seasoned. The impact of the drop weight will effectively split the wood logs with little effort.

The Smart Splitter utilises a metal shielded nylon impact bush to transmit the force from the drop weight to the blade. This has two advantages over the plain nylon bushes used on other drop weight log splitters; Because the bush does not distort as much on impact, the force is transmitted more efficiently to the blade making splitting easier and secondly, the bush is less prone to splitting and damage.

The Smart Splitter comes complete with our Ultimate Splitting Base Blade, which is a quick, safe way to split kindling and can also be used as an opposing blade when splitting knotty logs. Simply mount the base blade (using the screws provided) on the woodblock in line with the Smart Splitter blade and split logs with the increased splitting efficiency of two opposing blades.

The Smart Splitter is an environmentally friendly green way to split logs and provides strain-free wood splitting.

  • Maximum Log Length: 550mm*, 450mm* when used with USBB
  • Maximum Log Diameter: Unlimited, dependent on size of base block
  • Weight: 12kg*
  • Overall Height Excluding Base: 1.485m*
  • Drop Weight Pole Length: 1.05m*
  • Drop Weight: 3.5kg*
  • Blade Width: 60mm*
  • Wedge Thickness: 70mm*
  • Base Blade Height: 100mm*
  • Shipping Dimensions: 950x195x90mm*

*All dimensions and weight are approximate

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 95 × 19.5 × 9 cm