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5 Ton Electric Log Splitter DuoCut Domestic Use with Work Bench & Guard FM10D-TC

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FM10D-TC Domestic Log Splitter with DuoCutTM and Ramstop.

FM10D-TC 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter with Workbench and Guard

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Electric Duocut Log Splitter (5-Ton) with Work Bench and Guard

The FM10D-TC is a 5 ton electric log splitter capable of splitting logs up to 430mm in length and suitable for domestic use. Due to the trademarked DuocutTM Blade, it can split logs from both ends and effectively split logs equivalent to a 10 ton machine. It ensures that by splitting from both ends, if a knot is encountered at one end it will still split from the other.

The 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter has a simultaneous button and lever operation so that it cannot be operated one handed, making it compliant with the latest safety regulations.

The FM10D-TC also comes fitted with the Ram Stop that can be used to limit the amount of return travel by the blade. If you are splitting a lot of short logs then you can set the return distance to slightly greater than your log length and this will save considerable time. It comes filled with hydraulic oil so it is ready to use out of the box.

This FM10D-TC model can produce up to 5 tons in total force. It can also manage around 100 logs per hour.

The latest 2019 model of the FM10D-TC log splitter is fitted with a work bench and guard that are compliant with safety regulations. Unlike other manufacturers safety cages, our guard has no holes in the side panels to ensure logs can’t get caught and damage the cage. Our guard will also accommodate logs up to 400mm* diameter, whereas other manufacturers can only accomodate 250mm diameter.

This model is not supplied with a stand.

  • Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Power: 5-Ton*
  • Motor: 2200 Watt*
  • Max Log Length: 430mm*
  • Max Log Diameter: 400mm*
  • Net Weight: 62kg* including work bench and safety guard
  • Splitter Settings: 400bar/5800psi/40mpa*
  • Filled with hydraulic oil ready for use
  • Pin Plug: Standard UK 3 (adapter supplied where necessary)
  • Warranty: 12 MonthBox contains: FM10D log splitter with DuocutTM blade and Ramstop fitted.
  • Work Bench & Guard (require minor assembly)



* All dimensions, weight, pressure and force are approximate. The ram pressure stated was measured under the environmental conditions of our test facility and will change with the environmental conditions where used.

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Weight62 kg


5-Ton Duocut electric Log Splitter with Guard, FM10D-TC
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