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Log Splitter ram does not fully return or jerks

Valve core requires cleaning #

When attempting to split logs, check that the end of the valve stem remains in contact with the face of the lever when the lever is depressed and released. If the valve core does not pop back out when the lever is released, then it requires cleaning.

Ensure that the ram is fully returned, this is essential before starting the process. You can then remove the nut holding the lever and remove the lever. Remove the valve, check the O-Ring and then clean the valve using a lint-free cloth. You can then replace the valve and lever.

Moving carriage is obstructed #

Check underneath the blade/pusher and down the sides for the carriage for any splinters of wood that may be obstructing the carriage.

Also, check that the plastic spacers underneath the blade and the underside of the splitter have not been dislodged.

Sap on the log bed #

You should also check the log bed to ensure that there is not a build-up of sap. This can stop the ram from returning smoothly. To solve this apply a thin layer of grease to the bed and evaluate the difference.

Moving carriage arms are bent #

Use the ramstop to lock the ram in position around 150mm forward. You can then remove the 4 bolts holding the DuoCut blade/pusher to the carriage and remove the blade/pusher. Unlock the ramstop, if the carriage returns then this means that the arms are bent.

You can check the amount of bend using a straight edge, if it’s less than 5mm then you can likely straighten these up using a vice.

Ram is bent #

If the ram does not return after removing the DuoCut blade; loosen the two rear lock nuts on the carriage arms and remove the two nuts in front of the crosspiece. Remove the carriage from the log splitter. If the ram still does not return then contact the dealer on 0191 276 6553.

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