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Log splitter power issues

Before performing these technical troubleshooting solutions – please ensure that you are not using an extension cable longer than 10 meters. If you are using an extension cable, it must be a 2.5 cable and be used fully unwound. Click here to find out more about operating your machinery with an extension cable.

No power to the motor #

Blown fuses or tripped RCD #

First, check the fuse in the plug. If the plug is blown, replace it with a working 13 AMP fuse. Check that the RCD for the ring man has not tripped.

If the RCD has tripped then try the machine on a separate ring main. If it repeatedly trips then unplug all other equipment from the sockets on the ring main and switch these sockets off. Try again to start the motor.

Capacitor Failure #

The capacitor in the electric motor can fail from misuse over time. When operating the log splitter, we strongly advise that you press the power button before the operating lever, this allows time for the motor to gather speed before attempting to split logs. Pressing the lever before the button can also often result in blown fuses.

The capacitor failing will prevent the motor from starting up. If you have tested the previous solution, you should replace the capacitor. Unplug the log splitter from the mains, then remove the six screws on the outside of the switch cover, remove the switch cover and you will then see the capacitor.

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If the capacitor has failed, you will sometimes see burn marks on the capacitor itself. Replacement capacitors are available directly on our website. Click here to purchase a brand new log splitter capacitor.

Water damage #

If the motor is generating no power and you have exhausted the previous solutions, we must check the motor for water damage.

You will first need to remove the motor and pump assembly.

Close the bleed valve of the log splitter and turn the machine upside down. There are three vertical bolts that hold the pump bracket to the underside of the endplate and a fourth horizontal bolt at the top of the rear motor cover. Remove these bolts and lift the assembly clear. There are 2 small O’rings between the pump bracket and the endplate, make certain that you do not lose these.

Next, remove the 6 bolts holding the pump bracket to the pump plate and remove the pump bracket. Check that there is no silicone sealant trapped in the pump gears. Try turning the fan again to check if the gears are turning okay.

If the gears are fine, then it’s likely that the motor has suffered water damage.

Withdraw the shaft locating the upper and the lower gear. There is a small ball bearing located on the gear of the shaft, do not lose this.

Next, remove the gear from the motor shaft. There is a cylindrical key in a slot in the shaft, remove this key. You can then remove the 3 long bolts that run from end to end of the motor and remove the motor end cover.

If there is water damage, you will see white deposits inside the aluminium casing and more than likely notice a strong pungent smell. If this is the case, the motor will need to be replaced.

Click here to find out how to replace the motor and pump on your log splitter.

Log Splitter trips RCD or blows a fuse each time it starts #

Motor unable to turn freely #

The most common cause of the log splitter tripping the RCD is that the motor fan is unable to turn freely. To check if this is the cause of the issue, remove the black fan cover on the motor. It should be possible to turn the fan with slight pressure from one finger. If the fan feels tight or sticks, check for any possible obstructions.

Operating lever loose or bent #

First, check that nut securing the lever is fully tightened.

Then check that the face of the lever that operates the valve is bent through a full 90 degrees in relation to the mounting face. If not, remove the lever and correct the bend in a vice.

Pump gears binding #

Loosen each of the six bolts on the back of the pump by ¼ of a turn and check that the motor turns freely. If the motor can then turn freely, it’s likely that this will solve the issue.

Pump gears jammed #

Remove the six bolts from the pump and separate the motor and the pump. Check the gears for any silicone sealant or other material. When reassembling, the torque used for the bolts is 12 ft-lb, 16 N m.

The motor is producing a gentle humming noise #

When the motor produces a humming noise, it generally makes that the motor is tight and typically this results in the log splitter blowing a fuse.

First, turn the log splitter over and close off the air vent/bleed valve. Remove the motor and pump 3 x 13mm headed bolts and 1 x support bolt.

Place the log splitter back upright and try the splitter again, if it produces the same noise then loosen the bolts a little from the end of the pump (13mm) and try once again.

If this process does not solve the issue, please contact our technical team on +44 0191 275 6553.

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