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Log Splitter carriage issue

Before following the below troubleshooting solutions, please check that the motor of the log splitter is running correctly. If you’re experiencing issues with the log splitter motor, refer to our power issue troubleshooting guide.

The carriage fails to split, moves slowly or makes unfamiliar noise #

Lever slightly loose #

Check that the plastic knob on the end of the lever is screwed on fully. If this becomes even slightly unscrewed it can prevent the lever from being fully engaged, stopping the log splitter from operating. View the below video for a demonstration.

Log splitter pointing downhill #

The log splitter must be operated when absolutely level or pointing uphill. Ensure that the front (fixed blade end) of the log splitter is not pointing downhill. You can also raise the front of the log splitter on a block of wood or something similar in order to ensure this.

Low on oil #

Similar to the previous point – if you’ve used the log splitter regularly for a while and you’ve now sensed a drop in performance. Raise the front o the log splitter on a block of wood or something similar and try again to split logs – if you see an increase in splitting performance then it is likely that the log splitter is running low on oil and requires topping up.

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