Forest Master 52cc Earth Auger

Forest Master 52cc petrol earth auger and fence post hole borer.

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Our high performance 52cc Petrol earth auger and fence post hole borer makes drilling holes for posts, supports and shrubs easy and efficient. Solidly built, this robust petrol tool gives you the option to pick which drill bits you need. The dependable 52cc 2 stroke, air cooled engine has all the power needed to bore precision holes with ease. Supplied with a handy tool kit and a detailed user guide for your petrol auger.


Our earth auger drill bits have been designed to dig into the earth at a shallow angle, this helps prevent the engine from stalling, as a steeper angle can cause the engine to stall. The drill bit features a Double Helix design making it easier to drill holes in the ground. Replaceable impact bits and blades make maintenance easier and cheaper.


We have 8mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 250mm drill bits available, just choose which bit you require or purchase the Auger on it's own. Additional drill bits can be purchased separately. There is also an extension bar available which will extend the drill bit length by 260mm.



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Manufacturer: Forest Master


  • Forest Master 2017 52cc Easy Start 2 stroke Petrol Engine
  • Power: 1460W @ 6500rpm*
  • Petrol-Oil Ratio (Mineral Oil): 25:1
  • Petrol-Oil Ratio (Synthetic Oil): 40:1
  • Weight without drill bit (kg): 9.5*
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (ltr): 1.2*
  • 12 months warranty
  • Drill Bit Length (mm): 800*


*All dimensions and weight are approximate