Forest Master FM22P 22-Ton

Heavy Duty Petrol Log Splitter



The Forest Master FM22P is a heavy duty, versatile, petrol log splitter. It can be operated horizontally, vertically and in 2 angled positions and has the ability to perform a 4-way split. This machine has a built in twin opposing blade known as the 'Duocut', short for dual cutting, which basically enables the log splitter to cope with knotty wood, a feature unique to Forest Master log splitter designs.

The main splitting blade is located at the end of the beam. The control unit is fitted with a time saving auto return mechanism, so that when the control levers are released, the ram automatically returns. The next log can therefore be prepared while the ram is on return. The machine is fitted with a powerful 6.5 horsepower engine and a 2 stage pump, giving it a total cycle time of 12.5 seconds.

For safety purposes, it features a two handed-operation process as required for CE approval. The FM22P can be towed by an ATV or garden tractor. Due to health and safety, this item is also shipped dry and will require engine and hydraulic oil, before usage. Please contact Forest Master on (+44) 191 265 5000 for more details.




Sales price: £1,495.00
( inc. VAT )
Manufacturer: Forest Master


  • Power: 22 ton*
  • Weight: 230kg*
  • Length Horizontal Operation: 1700mm*
  • Width: 900mm*
  • Working Height Horizontal Operation: 850mm*
  • Height When Stored Vertically: 1730mm*
  • Max Log Diameter with Duoblade: 600mm*
  • Max Log Length: 550mm*
  • Cycle Time: 13 sec*
  • Working positions: 0, 30, 60, 90 degrees
  • Gear Pump: Two Stage, 50 Litres Per Minute*
  • Maximum Pressure: 3625psi*
  • Dry Weight: 230kg*
  • Engine Displacement: 208cc
  • Max Tow Speed: 5mph
  • Accessories: Duoblade


* All dimensions, weight, pressure and force are approximate. The ram pressure stated was measured under the environmental conditions of our test facillity and will change with the environmental conditions where used.