Forest Master Logging Cart

Logging Cart With Saw Horse Tow Hitch


The Forest Master logging cart can make easy work of your logging experience by providing an elevated area to catch your logs. This is a heavy duty cart and will handle large heavy loads of up to 500kg.


The cart can be fitted with 2 specially designed log holder sections so that logs can be sawn and directly collected in the cart. Additionally the Bulk Log Stand 2 will fit in the cart and it can also be used with the QSH to catch all the cut pieces of sawn logs.


The adjustable sides can be vertical, angled or detached altogether thus allowing the logging cart to be adaptable for many different tasks. The logging cart is fitted with castors at the front to make it easy to steer and because of the large thick wheels, is effective on rougher terrain.



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Sales price: £129.99
( inc. VAT )
Manufacturer: Forest Master


  • Height (Floor to Base): 350mm*
  • Maximum Log Load: 500 kg*
  • Unloaded Weight: 30 kg*
  • Profile Tyre Length: 4.10/3.50 - 4 inch*
  • Profile Tyre Width: 80mm width*
  • Bottom to Log Cart Base: 300mm*
  • Incudes: 2 Uprights & tow hitch
  • Dimensions: 900mm 35 1/2" (L) x 600mm/24" (W) x 600/24" (H)*
  • Overall Length: 1600mm overall length including the handle*
  • Extended Dimensions: 1320mm/50" (L) x 1020mm/40" (W)*


* All dimensions, weight, pressure and force are approximate