Forest Master Logging Spikes

Versatile Log Holder Without Base


The Forest Master Bulk Log Stand is capable of safely securing multiple logs for the user to chainsaw, the logs are held in place by 2 chains which automatically prevent the logs from moving during cutting. Supplied with 2 uprights, 2 spikes and 2 stop chains.

It can be used anywhere the spikes can be driven into the ground and will accommodate numerous log lengths simply by adjusting the spacing between the spikes. The Bulk Log Stand Spikes can easily be disassembled for storage.

An important advantage of the design is that; when the user is cutting the logs, there is nothing directly below that will have impact on the chainsaw, reducing risk or injury to the user and damage to the chainsaw and saw horse.



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Sales price: £29.99
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Manufacturer: Forest Master


  • Maxmimum Log Weight: 150kg*
  • Log Stack: 280 - 850mm*
  • Length: 640m*
  • Width: 300mm*
  • Weight: 6kg*


* All dimensions, weight, pressure and force are approximate