Forest Master DUO10T 10-Ton

Manual Heavy Duty Log Splitter


The patent pending Forest Master Heavy Duty Manual Hydraulic Duocut Log Splitter uses a lift jack capable of producing a total of 10 ton in force. This will split logs with a length of 51cm*, a diameter of 30cm* vertically and 50cm* horizontally. This log splitter can be used both vertically using foot pedals and horizontally using hand levers.


The pre-built in Duocut Blade works together with the stationary blade to optimise the splitting capacity of the log splitter by using two splitting blades rather than one. The benefits of the additional blade are its splitting power and efficiency meaning knotted wood becomes a lot easier to manage than when using a basic flat push device.


Additional options include a quicker splitting speed by using both pedals/levers, giving a jack lift of 16-20mm per crank. The adjustable stationary blade allows instant splitting instead of waiting for the blade to reach the log. The DUO10T jack has a built-in safety valve to stop overloading and serious damage to the product.




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Sales price: £199.00
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Manufacturer: Forest Master


  • Splitting Force: 10-Ton*
  • Product Dimensions: 45x30x100cm*
  • Max log length: 510mm*
  • Boxed-product Weight: 38 Kg*
  • Max log diameter vertical: 300mm*
  • Max log diameter horizontal: 600mm*
  • Net Weight: 35kg*
  • Machine vertical Height: 1000mm
  • Machine vertical Width 300mm


* All dimensions, weight, pressure and force are approximate. The ram pressure stated was measured under the environmental conditions of our test facillity and will change with the environmental conditions where used.