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Forest Master FM16HTW 7-Ton

  Forest Master FM16HTW log splitter is a heavy-duty log splitter that can be used wherever you need to split logs, no worries about sockets or extension cables. The FM16HTW is equipped with latest Honda GX35NT 35cc petrol engine and reaches a total of 7 tons of splitting force with ease.   The FM16HTW is twice as efficient, due to the pre-fitted DUOBLADE and Ram Stop. The supplied st ... read more


Forest Master FM16PTW 8-Ton

  Forest Master FM16PTW log splitter is a heavy-duty log splitter and is currently the largest of the Forest Master horizontal log splitters. The FM16PTW was designed for long lasting use. Equipped with a 52cc petrol engine, the machine reaches a total of 8 tons of splitting force with ease.   The FM16PTW is twice as efficient, due to the pre-fitted DUOBLADE and Ram Stop. The supplied ... read more


Forest Master FM16TW 8-Ton

The brand new 2016 edition FM16TW log splitter can produce up to a massive 8 tons in splitting force. It has a two speed ram for soft or hard wood. If you are splitting soft wood then pushing the operating lever half way, gives you the fastest speed with reduced force. When splitting hard wood, pushing the operating lever all the way down gives you the full 8 tons force at a slower speed.   ... read more


Forest Master FM22P 22-Ton

  The Forest Master FM22P is a heavy duty, versatile, petrol log splitter. It can be operated horizontally, vertically and in 2 angled positions and has the ability to perform a 4-way split. This machine has a built in twin opposing blade known as the 'Duocut', short for dual cutting, which basically enables the log splitter to cope with knotty wood, a feature unique to Forest Master log spl ... read more


Forest Master FM3-LP

Specialised custom base designed to prevent sinking, moving or shaking when in operation and 3-ton of total lifting force when operated.   European registered design. Product comes with additional tree pusher accessory to slot and push trees in a direction with ease and efficiency.   Manual swinging and lever operation. Simply obtain position, impale logs and elevate from ground. Sam ... read more


Forest Master FM6.5WC 6.5hp

Our 6.5hp wood chipper is small and compact but powerful enough to easily shred branches up to 80mm (3 inches) diameter. The hinged design of the chute allows easy access to the blades.   It is powered by the latest generation LCT Maxx series 208cc 6.5hp 4 stroke engine. The slender design, large wheels and well balanced construction allows the chipper to be manoeuvred easily.   It a ... read more


Forest Master FM8 5-Ton

The FM8 5-ton Forest Master log splitter is the ideal product for beginners or when using small to medium wood burners. Unlike other budget log splitters which only have a 1500 watt motor and produce 4 ton of force, our FM8 has a 2200 watt motor and produces 5 ton of force.   It is capable of cutting logs up to 370mm in length and 250mm in diameter.   To comply with the latest safety ... read more


Forest Master Logging Cart

The Forest Master logging cart can make easy work of your logging experience by providing an elevated area to catch your logs. This is a heavy duty cart and will handle large heavy loads of up to 500kg.   The cart can be fitted with 2 specially designed log holder sections so that logs can be sawn and directly collected in the cart. Additionally the Bulk Log Stand 2 will fit in the cart and ... read more


Forest Master Logging Spikes

The Forest Master Bulk Log Stand is capable of safely securing multiple logs for the user to chainsaw, the logs are held in place by 2 chains which automatically prevent the logs from moving during cutting. Supplied with 2 uprights, 2 spikes and 2 stop chains. It can be used anywhere the spikes can be driven into the ground and will accommodate numerous log lengths simply by adjusting the spacing ... read more